Community and innate intelligence

What is community? Why do we long for community? Why do we long to find our own tribe, to be with like-minded people where we feel we belong?

The community is not just outside us, it is inside us too. All the cells in our body constitute our inner community. This inner community is nourished by the air breathed out by all the green living things, created with the help of the Sun, moon, oceans and a whole lot more.

This inner community is a super-intelligent powerhouse of transformation. It transforms oxygen received through inhalation, to carbon-di-oxide. And releases it through exhalation to the community of all living things that need it.

To think this intelligence(technology) is built into all living things feels awe inspiring. This innate, natural intelligence is serving us all the time. One of the nicest things is that this intelligence keeps evolving and it helps us continue to evolve as living beings.

Today I feel grateful for this innate intelligence. I feel grateful to all living things that help me breathe and live. As I receive life, I give life. Simply through breathing, through being alive, ‘I Show gratitude to all living things’, I help perpetuate life.


Birthday Reiki

For a few years now, I have felt that receiving healing around one’s birthday can be especially powerful. I love Reiki. I like to receive a Reiki session regularly, more especially near my birthday.

I immersed myself in Reiki and Calligraphy for four days this year, just after my birthday. It was a birthday present for myself. Something has shifted for me to receive insights through brushing symbols.

Recently I have been treating some clients near their birthday.  I brushed this enzo, Zen circle, at the beginning of this year. Looking at it with a Reiki client recently helped shine some light of awareness on this insight. I feel that around a birthday, as the current cycle is ending, and a new one is beginning, there is an energetic opening. Through this opening we are being given help to prepare for the next year, the next journey around the Sun.

Through this opening, it seems easier to release what is ripe and ready to be let go off, with grace and ease, perhaps even effortlessly, just like a ripe fruit falling off the branch of a tree. As we release what is no longer needed, there is more space for the new that needs to come through.  Receiving a healing session near a birthday can be a symbolic Yes to the Universe – Yes I am ready to receive what needs to come through me, that is unique to me, and can only come through me. Perhaps each one of us is holding a unique piece of the jigsaw of life!

If this resonates with you, do find a practitioner near you to receive a healing session. Trust your instinct to guide you to the healing modality and practitioner that you need, and whether to go before and/or after your birthday. I am passionate about Reiki and would recommend Reiki.

If you are in or near London, you can contact me to book a Reiki treatment in-person. It is good to learn Reiki anytime. It may be even more deeply healing to learn Reiki near your birthday.

If you are not in or near London, it is possible to receive a remote Reiki treatment from me. I love being part of birthday healing.

Do some healing around your birthday. You may receive a wonderful cosmic gift!

Emergence and Emergency

Rick Bockner is the 22nd Reiki Master initiated by Mrs Hawayo Takata. My Reiki sister, Grainne Warner organises a Reiki 2 circle with Rick Bockner on the last Wednesday of each month at 9:00 PDT; 17:00 in the UK.

I have been joining these circles for a few months now and I would love to share some of my experience and invite you to join us. This is a wonderful opportunity to be in a Reiki circle with Rick, an elder and many Reiki students from all around the world.

Each circle begins with sending Reiki to everyone in the circle. Then Grainne invites us to include any people or situations that we would like to send Reiki to. After this Rick shares what he has been feeling into. Listening to his wisdom while being immersed in Reiki is deeply inspiring, healing and if I may use the word ‘magical’. Each month he manages to bring together what life has been bringing through from a higher perspective for all of us.

At a recent circle, with the arrival of spring, Rick shared his reflections on emergence. It was deeply insightful to listen to his wisdom about the process of what is emerging in nature and indeed in each one of us. One of the key messages I loved is that this energy of growth and emergence is not just limited to nature, it is available to each one of us. We can benefit from it by something simple like walking barefeet on Earth. The desires and longings held in our heart, gestating inside us, are waiting to emerge and we are being helped with the energy of emergence available at this time.

Love of Mother Earth is indeed unconditional for each one of us.

Rick also mentioned the word emergency that kept coming up for him with the theme of emergence and invited us to reflect on what it might mean. My initial thought was the crisis a caterpillar must experience as it breaks out of the chrysalis and emerges as a butterfly. Another person in the circle shared that the process of birth is also an emergence and emergency. In that moment I remembered I was born through an emergency caesarean, my mother nearly died giving birth to me. This realisation felt deeply healing about the process of emergence and emergency that has been part of my life story for nearly six decades!

All Reiki students are welcome to join these circles. They are free to attend and gifts of gratitude can be given to Rick via paypal at Grainne’s email address or gifts to Reiki Home via the website

You can register at the Reiki Home website to receive the zoom link to the circle or email Grainne.

As well as being a Reiki Master, Rick is a well-known musician and recording artist. If you would like a flavour of Rick’s gift of storytelling and music, you can listen to the Radio Talk Show that Phyllis Lei Furumoto did with Rick. You will have to scroll down the page to find the episode of Nov 27, 2008 where Rick shares one of my favourite songs  – Fragments of Perfection. The song is right at the end.

Four consecutive days Reiki treatments

All Reiki students are invited to start the New Year with four consecutive days of Reiki. I used to offer this in-person before the pandemic. Having experienced the benefit of practising Reiki virtually during the pandemic, I am feeling inspired to offer four-consecutive-days-Reiki virtually for the first time.

Four consecutive days of Reiki can be like MOT checkup for our whole being. The term MOT is used in the UK for annual checkup of vehicles to ensure they meet road safety and environmental standards. The care and attention we give to our vehicle, surely we need to give to our wellbeing as well.

As Reiki students, we practice Reiki everyday to maintain and enhance our wellbeing. We do not wait for an illness or a crisis to practice Reiki. Practising Reiki over four consecutive days, especially with a group, can not only help deepen our personal healing, it can also help strengthen and deepen our Reiki practice.

Whether you are good at self treating regularly, or struggling to; whether you are a level 1 Reiki student, or level 2 or a Reiki Master, this offering is for you. Please join us. Your presence is invaluable to help shape this experience for the group.

In each hour-long session, I will offer a brief meditation at the beginning. Then we will do the Reiki treatment for 30 minutes. Level 1 Reiki students can self-treat as you have learnt from your Reiki Master. Level 2 students and Masters can join in with the second degree Reiki treatment for the group. We will also share Reiki Principles. There will be 15-20 minutes at the end of the session each day, for sharing personal experience.

Date: Monday, January 9th – Thursday, January 12th 2023

Time: 7:30 pm GMT; 2030 CET; 1430 EST; 1130 PST

Duration: one hour each day

Cost: £24

Where: online

We will meet each day on Zoom at the same time. You will need to book to receive the zoom link.
Link for tickets:

You can contact Mamta on if you have any questions.

Please feel free to share this invitation with other Reiki students.

Snow and light

Snow is not just beautiful, it is transformational. It can help transform perspective. The first snow of the year in London arrived in the dark of night. Without any electric light, my garden seemed lit up in the dark.

The walk next day felt like walking in winter wonderland.

My imagination was having a field day. First I started seeing images in the snow resting on tree trunks.

Three creatures crawling!

A snow angel with a halo!

This seemed like a pair of wings left behind by a snow angel.

Is this a unicorn! It was fun seeing all these images. It made me smile and uplifted my spirit.

Best part of the walk was standing under this majestic oak with my hands on the tree trunk. Suddenly I found myself asking the tree to teach me how to go within at this time of the year and be in the world.

Then my eyes went to this circle of oak leaves. There seems an invitation into the mystery of the centre, the heart. Perhaps this is the work of a lifetime. The unravelling of the layers feels delightful though. This is my heartfelt wish for all of us – to be in our centre, journey deeper into our heart and delight in the journey.

I would love to hear about the gifts of the snow and the season that you are feeling. Please do share.

Queen Elizabeth II

I am not a monarchist. So I was quite surprised by the sadness I felt at the Queen’s passing.

I started with marveling at the time chosen by the Queen’s soul to leave. On September 8th,  the moon was in Aquarius, sign of the collective. Moon represents emotions. Her passing has affected the collective deeply. So many of us are grieving together at this time.

At a close friend’s mother’s funeral a few years ago, I was surprised by how much I cried, when I did not know her mother well. I only knew her through my friend. This experience helped me realise that being with the family and friends who were grieving together helped the grief within me to surface. My own parents had passed away the year before.

Whether we believe in Monarchy or not, the grief within is being touched by the grief in the collective.

Moon has such a powerful effect on the oceans. Our body is more than 80% water, the lunar energy is bound to affect us too. Especially when the moon moved to Pisces the next day, the sign of oceans and healing. It felt like a time when grief is being healed for many of us. As we start to emerge from the pandemic, there is more grief in the collective than usual.

There are many ways to be with grief. What I find helpful is acknowledging it and welcoming it. Grief seems to be a doorway to connect more deeply with the heart.

We had full moon in Pisces on September 10th. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. The next full moon will be in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. It seems like a new cycle is beginning. Let’s hope that this new cycle brings through a more heart-based living.

I could not understand the value of monarchy till now. Suddenly I can understand how the Queen touched people’s hearts and brought them together. Even in her passing, she continues to serve.


A neighbour invited me to her 70th birthday party recently. The invitation included a request to compose a poem and share it. I did not think I could do it for I had not written a poem for four or maybe five decades! Her words ‘bad poetry welcome’ gave me the courage to share what came through that morning. As a Gemini, it seems very helpful to understand this deeper layer to my impatience. So here is the poem:

On the way home from a short break
my husband asked me to wait with our heavy bags,
in the middle of busy Victoria station, to go buy a magazine.

I wasn’t happy to wait, I don’t like waiting!

I wanted to get home, my sanctuary
away from all the hustle and bustle,
forgetting my sanctuary was inside me
forgetting the memory of peace and stillness from the woods we had just walked
where the bees and butterflies reminded me how to make the daily busyness playful.

I wanted to get home, quickly
Grateful for the fast trains and planes

Is this how I have been living my life I wondered
Is this how I breathe – Quickly!

Not waiting for the breath to empty
before turning around to fill up again

Not waiting for the breath to come in fully
before turning around to empty again

Not waiting for inspiration to fill me up
for a poem to come through!


Reiki Treatments in 2022

new growth
I am grateful to be offering in-person treatments again – Reiki, Soul Plan Reading and Ear Candling. To do this safely, I request you to read the following guidance carefully:
  • It is important that both you and I monitor ourselves and the people we live with or have been in contact with, for main Covid-19 symptoms. We will check-in with each other, on the morning of the appointment, about Covid 19 symptoms.
  • I ask you to fill out the consultation form and send it to me in advance.
  • I also ask for payment in advance – £85 for Reiki (60 minutes); £115 for Soul Plan Reading (90 minutes). Full price information is available on my website: Reiki treatments, Soul Plan Reading, Ear Candling sessions, in London with Mamta (
  • If you or I have to cancel the appointment for in-person treatment at short notice due to COVID-19 infection for ourselves or the people we have been in contact with, there will be no cancellation charge.
  • If I am well, I can offer you Remote Reiki Treatment as an alternative.
  • If you are unwell, we can reschedule the treatment for a future date.
  • If I am unwell you will receive a full refund of the payment.
  • Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel/reschedule a treatment due to reasons other than illness, at least 24 hours notice is requested, if possible. Otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% of the booking amount can be payable.

Thank you for taking the time to read and assimilate this information. I am grateful for your understanding during this time in my efforts to support the well being for all – yours, mine and our family’s. Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or to book a session.

My birthday gift in 2022

Last few weeks have been rather eventful! On April 25th a dog jumped on me. I lost my balance while trying to turn away from the dog. I fell and fractured the left wrist. Two days later I had surgery. I am recovering really well, thanks to NHS, Reiki, homeopathy, Bach flower essences, Meditation, Yoga….

Couple of weeks before this experience, I received an invitation from my Reiki grandmother, Krishni Borang, to visit her in Sweden. It felt like Spirit was calling me, so I booked the trip. Fortunately the arm is recovering well so I could go. It was magical to spend time with Krishni and the Bach flower essence trees she has planted in her garden. It was profoundly healing and helped deepen connection with my Reiki lineage.

I have been sending Reiki to heal and reconcile with the experience with the dog, honouring the very human response of fear and anger that I felt at the time. I felt something needed to heal in me about the way I relate with animals, perhaps the animal inside me, my animal power even! Through serendipity I found my way to a video about communication with animals the day after I returned from Sweden. When I heard Anna Breytenbach talk about how she communicates with animals through projecting thoughts and images of love and peace, I felt surely I can do this second degree Reiki practice.

While I was sending Reiki, the Principle – Show gratitude to all living things – surfaced in my consciousness. I felt that I can communicate like this with all living things, not just dogs, even virus and bacteria, the mould growing in the bathroom, the moths and spiders in my home, the slugs and snails in the garden, acknowledging the role they play in the life cycle, communicating with them to go live elsewhere so that I do not have to harm them, or use harsh chemicals that harm Mother Earth, so that we can co-exist in harmony. And most especially to people – especially the people I have hurt, intentionally or unintentionally. In that moment it felt as if communicating the thought of ‘I come in peace with love’, may be very helpful in situations I may be feeling anxious about, like being with large groups of people, or talking to some people, especially before a seemingly difficult conversation! I cannot help wondering if this may have helped me relax when I was feeling nervous/anxious. A lot of situations where I felt misunderstood, what I said or did seemed to be misinterpreted may have been avoided.

I have Sun in Gemini. Communication, learning to communicate is a big part of my life purpose.

The day before my birthday, I felt drawn to Bach essence trees while I was out for a walk. I was touching them, pausing for a few breaths under the tree, asking for a message/gift they might have for me. It was a hornbeam tree that had a wonderful birthday gift for me. Hornbeam is the remedy for procrastination, the Monday morning feeling, when it is not easy to get out of bed! The hornbeam tree seemed to remind me to greet and welcome each day with love and peace. I have been greeting each day with a question – what needs to awaken in me today? Thanks to the hornbeam tree, I feel as if I got another piece in the jigsaw of life.

Interestingly as I was saying goodbye to Krishni, I had asked her to remind me which was the hornbeam tree in her garden, as the hornbeam and beech tree leaves look quite similar. I cannot help marvelling at the mystery and magic of these experiences.

For the first time, the day before my birthday, it occurred to me to send Reiki to greet and welcome the new solar cycle with love and peace. After all the Sun returns to the same place in the zodiac on our birthday and heralds a new beginning! I am looking forward to the transformation this new way of being and communicating brings.

ps: The moss in the photograph above from the beautiful forest near Krishni’s home seemed like a wonderful reminder from nature to smile.


Divine Magnificence

I love astrology. I love how it can affirm what I am sensing intuitively.

The words Divine Magnificence surfaced in my consciousness a few days ago. I started paying attention to this part of my being with the awareness that this part is in each one of us, and what I give attention to grows. I know that the concept of Divinity within, comes from many spiritual and religious traditions. Having grown up in a Hindu family, familiar with the mantra Aham Brahmasmi, (Brahma, the creator is within me), this concept was not too difficult to relate to.

Despite this knowing, I was puzzled by these words. Having had self worth issues, I could not help wondering if I was veering towards the polar opposite end of this spectrum! A few days later, it dawned on me that this is the Neptune Jupiter conjunction in Pisces energy I am feeling.

Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune is related to Divine love, healing, oceans, poetry, mystical aspect of life. Jupiter is connected with expansion, miracles, blessings, magnificence really! Jupiter used to be the ruler of Pisces, before Neptune was discovered. So this conjunction in the sign of Pisces can be specially healing as both the rulers of Pisces are in their home sign and working harmoniously together. This energy in the water sign of Pisces holds the potential of melting what may have been blocking us and see life from a completely new perspective.

Pisces is the first house in my astrology chart. First house represents the sense of self. So Divine Magnificence started to make more sense.

Conjunction in astrology means, the two planets, Neptune and Jupiter appear to be very close to each other from the Earth’s perspective. This aspect is exact on April 12, 2022. But we would have been feeling this energy for a few weeks on either side of this date. This event happens about every 160 years. So, none of us will experience it again this lifetime!

Whether we follow astrology or not, each one of us will be feeling this Magnificent, Divine healing energy in some area of our life. Knowing which house is 23° Pisces in our astrology chart, can help us understand which area of our life this healing is focused on at this time. If you know the date, time and place of your birth you can look at your astrology birth chart for free at many astrology websites. I find this simple reference guide to the houses from Astrologer Yasmin Boland very helpful to understand what each house represents.

I am offering an online group session where I can guide you through this simple yet powerful exercise of figuring out which house is being affected. I will offer some guided meditation also. This simple knowledge can be amazingly supportive and empowering. I would love to share it with you. Knowing your astrology chart can help you understand which area of your life is being transformed in the forthcoming eclipse season starting on April 30th, and indeed each lunation, like the full moon on April 16th.

Date: Saturday April 16th
Time: 11 am BST, UK time to 12:30 pm.
Cost: Suggested contribution £20. You are welcome to pay what you can.

The zoom link will be sent through my newsletter email. If you do not receive it, you can subscribe to my newsletter email.

PS: If you do not know the time/place of your birth, then you would need to consult an astrologer specializing in casting birth chart with these unknowns. This session will not be suitable for finding your astrology birth chart. You would be welcome to join us for the meditation with the knowing that the group energy can help each one of present in sacred group space.

This session will be based on Western Astrology.


Healing with Chestnut trees and Bach Flower essences

I learnt about Bach Flower essences from my Reiki Master Tripuri Dunne. In 2003 I did the Level 1 course in Bach International Educational program. This was followed by Level 2 course in 2005. This learning seems to have been percolating inside me over the years.

When Tripuri’s Reiki Master, Krishni Kajsa Borang moved back to Sweden around 2006, I heard about her garden where she planted most of the trees and bushes that the 38 Bach remedies are made from. I learnt from Krishni that simply being with these bushes and trees can help us receive the benefits of these remedies and heal.

This learning started awakening something in me last autumn. You can read about that experience in the post Healing Trees. The link is given below.

Dr Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath, created these remedies in 1930s. He believed that emotional wellbeing was the key to good health. Each one of the 38 essences relates to a specific emotion or feeling that one may experience from time to time. To this day, many of the flowers are still handpicked from Edward Bach’s original gardens in Oxfordshire, UK.

This spring, I am noticing Chestnut Buds. This remedy is for the feelings that arise from repeating the same mistakes! The positive potential of Chestnut Bud is insight – the knowledge and wisdom gained from one’s past experiences and learning from them. When I touch the chestnut buds, at the base they feel sticky. Interestingly their energetic imprint is in helping with becoming unstuck.

I am loving the fresh green of the leaves emerging from the buds. I am looking forward to the blossoms of the White Chestnut and Red Chestnut trees. White Chestnut can help find tranquility and peace within, when mind is over active and struggling with repetitive thoughts. Red Chestnut is for finding the peace within, through feelings of over concern for others. Sweet Chestnut can renew our hope and strength when feeling despair.

On my daily walk, I love pausing with these trees. Sometimes 30 seconds is all that may be needed, sometimes longer. I love awakening my senses, feasting on the beauty with sight. I enjoy touching the leaves, blossoms and the branches to feel the temperature and texture. I am discovering that many blossoms have a beautiful fragrance too.

Best of all, time permitting, I love to stay with the tree, leaning against the trunk, feeling the support with my back, listening to the sounds around, especially the bird song and give myself Reiki self-treatment for a while. After a few moments, the tree’s life force seems to start resonating with my own life force and sometimes I can feel a pulsation in my body. I trust that this resonance strengthens the life force for both living things – the tree and me.

There is so much we receive from the trees, there is so much we can learn from them. Let’s give them some attention and show our gratitude. Just as Reiki principles remind us – Show gratitude to every living thing.


Joy of separation!

I struggle with separation. I don’t like saying goodbye. I prefer slipping away quietly. Separation seems to be associated with fear and pain. Perhaps this is why I was born through caesarean section. Or maybe this association of separation with fear and pain is due to how I was born. Today I cannot help wondering if fear of separation causes grief too!

This month I decided to leave a wonderful online community for women that I joined a year ago. In my last session with them yesterday, I did something new. I mustered up the courage to say goodbye at the end of a zoom call.  I was deeply moved by the love that I received during that session and afterwards too.

This love is helping transform the experience of separation for me from fear to joy. Instead of the fear of missing out, I can look forward to the space that is being created for the new that is waiting to come in. Today I am able to see the experience of being in a separate body with joy and welcome being in this realm of separation and limitation.

This joy of separation feels new. I wish that it would stay forever. But I know that like everything else, it is transient not permanent. In this moment, I feel deep gratitude for this transformational experience.

I feel grateful that I listened to the inner prompt and decided to join the community. I am deeply grateful for all that I received while I was there, especially for this parting gift. Thank you Erika for your courage to set up Your Right To Be to help women step out of the pattern of being too nice.

Valentine’s Soul Gift

Coming up to Valentine’s day, when the collective consciousness is focused on love vibration, I would love to offer a group session to deepen our alignment with love, so that love can radiate in all our relationships. My wish is for us to deepen connection with the soul, our essence, which is love and is always present within us. In the sacred space that builds up each time we come together as a group, we are more likely to deepen our alignment with love.

This year, I am feeling inspired to share my spiritual toolkit with you. Tools that nourish me deeply, at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In January I shared Soul Plan Reading. In February, for this session, I feel drawn to Soul Transformation Therapy. It is based on the same Soul Plan energies as Soul Plan Reading.

Soul Plan Reading invites transformation that can help us find our place in the world. Soul Transformation Therapy focusses on unifying the individual personality with the soul. Soul Transformation Therapy is usually offered on a one-to-one basis, but it lends itself beautifully to group session too.

Date:            Sunday February 13th, 2022
Time:           11 am to midday GMT
Cost:            This is my valentine’s gift for you – a love offering, it is free.
Location:     Online. If you are not already subscribed to my newsletter, you need to subscribe to receive the Zoom link.

All are welcome. You do not need to know your Soul Plan or anything about Soul Plan energies to be able to attend. You simply need to be open to deepening alignment with love, the essence of our Soul. The session will include guided meditation.

Any questions, or if you would like to find out about a one-to-one Soul Transformation Therapy session, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Nature in Winter

I am loving witnessing the richness revealed in nature during the winter months. There is so much to see, so much beauty to touch the heart. Be it the dancing branches, the shapes and patterns that are visible when the branches are bare.

The new branches that appear after a branch is pruned, revealing the spirit of survival of the tree. The number of new branches that appear when the natural growth of a  branch is interrupted seems awesome.

I love how the sun light plays at different time of the day in nature. In different seasons it lights up different trees. Sometimes different aspects of the same trees are illuminated. Going for a walk in the same areas in my neighbourhood in the last two years, has helped me learn to notice different aspects of nature more deeply.

And how much beauty there is even when the plants are dormant, in the dead flower heads that birds love!

The braid like pattern revealed in the way ivy finds its path along the tree trunk is more visible in the winter months and seemed mesmerising. Perhaps hidden under the parasitic nature of ivy is the ability to receive. An ability that each one of us have, for it was needed from the beginning when we started to grow in our mother’s body. And the tree needs to experience the joy of unconditional giving in letting the ivy grow. I am in awe of all that is being revealed in nature every moment. There is so much richness, so much to learn from nature, especially in winter.

When it is cold, sometimes it seems easier to just hibernate. It is not always easy to muster the motivation to go out for a walk! I feel grateful for the daily Reiki practice, the Reiki precept ‘Show gratitude to every living thing‘ that helps me learn to appreciate nature more deeply, give it attention and want to spend time outdoors despite the cold weather.

I would love to know what richness you are noticing during the winter months. What touches your heart, what brings you joy? I would love to see nature through your eyes too. Each one of us sees things through the unique lens of our own perspective. When I share, it enriches me. Through our sharing, we can help enrich each other.

Completion and Endings

My mother was very good at knitting. She used to knit beautiful jumpers. I remember knitting one jumper in my teens. I did not enjoy it. I did not like what I created. So I did not knit again for forty years.

Two years ago, I felt drawn to knitting. I bought some wool, knitting needles, a pattern and started knitting a cardigan. I managed to follow the pattern to knit the front and back panels and the sleeves. But I have not managed to put them together and complete the cardigan yet. Every time the bag of knitting with the unfinished cardigan caught my attention, the inner dialog was along the lines of telling myself off for not completing it.

Coming up to the end of the year 2021, I keep sensing something about endings and completion. In my meditation this morning, this unfinished cardigan showed up. For the first time I could feel compassion for myself, for not being able to complete it yet. I could see the unfinished cardigan as an opening for some light to come through about completion and ending. As tears welled up, I felt an affirmation from my emotional body for this insight.

Today I feel hopeful that this new energy of completion and ending might help with the breathing difficulty I have. Sometimes it seems as if I don’t exhale completely.

Since the beginning of pandemic, I have been sensing something about transformation. Transformation involves letting go of old way of being. This too needs ending and completion.

I could have never imagined such a profound insight could come through a simple knitting project when I started it. I feel very grateful for learning to trust my intuition, acting on it and starting to knit again. I feel grateful for my daily Reiki practice that helps me see things more deeply. Today I can even feel grateful for the difficulty with completing the cardigan.

Reiki and paradoxes

Reiki is wonderful, mystical, often a mystery and full of paradoxes. Paradoxes appear to be contradictory. As a new Reiki student, when such experiences happen, it is easy to feel conflicted.

In a conversation with a very good first degree Reiki student recently, she mentioned a paradox. We are taught ‘Reiki goes to where it is needed’ in Reiki class. We are also taught the Form of Reiki Treatment, the sequence of hand positions for giving a Reiki treatment to oneself and others. Why do we need the form, why can’t we just keep our hands in one position on the body!

One of Mrs Hawayo Takata’s very famous teaching is ‘Let Reiki teach you’. Daily practice of Reiki has helped me learn to welcome such seeming contradictions as paradoxes – as an opening for light to come through. If I view my experience as a contradiction or conflict, I am inclined to wish it away. Remembering to stay open, and welcome such an experience can help to receive the inspiration.

I have also heard that ‘Reiki flows to where it is needed, like water’. Water flows through finding the path of least resistance. So Reiki will probably flow to where there is no resistance. What about the parts where some resistance may be present! Will Reiki flow to all the parts, all the organs if I keep my hands in only one position? Perhaps this is the reason why Reiki students are taught a Form of Reiki Treatment in the Reiki class as it allows Reiki to reach all the major organs.

I teach Reiki in oral tradition where the relationship between Reiki Master and student is for life. In oral tradition students are welcome to connect with Reiki Master for advice, reminding, and remembering. If you have any questions about the Reiki practice or need reminding or remembering, please feel free to contact me. I feel very grateful for my Reiki Master and Reiki students.

Letting Reiki and our Reiki Master teach us, helps us grow as Reiki students.


Reiki and Mystic Order

I would like to thank The Reiki Association (TRA) for a magical experience of Mystic order at December’s webinar – Festive tree of gifts. The invitation was to share a gift to decorate our virtual festive tree with a story, song or poem, something we made or a photo taken this year.

I joined the webinar with no idea of what I was going to share. I was a few minutes late, but it seemed to have been perfect timing! I joined while Kristin Bonney, a founder member of TRA, was sharing the angel that she had received from Phyllis Lei Furumoto. Listening to her I was reminded of the angel that I had received from Wanja Twan٭, a few years ago. It happened to be nearby. I could easily get it. While I was waiting for my turn to share, my Reiki Master, Tripuri Dunne, shared her gift of a beautiful reindeer. In that moment I realized the angel I was holding in my hands was a Reindeer Angel!

The choice of this angel was not just spontaneous, it seemed profoundly symbolic too. It felt a wonderful experience of mystic order where none of us have any idea what our presence or sharing in the circle might mean to someone else. Being able to see the deeper blessing embedded in this gift from Wanja٭ with the help of my Reiki family feels invaluable. It seemed a wonderful experience of remembering and valuing what I already had, more deeply. I would not have had this experience had I not joined the webinar and been in that sacred space where the whole is much more than the sum of individual parts.

A short while later Johannes Reindl, Lineage Bearer Usui Shiki Ryoho, brought Vanille Kipferls to the festive tree, biscuits he had learnt to make from his grandmother. Listening to him, I remembered my own grandmother and a recipe from her that has become my special gift in the family. My grandmother passed away a few years ago on my birthday. In that moment I experienced – ‘A Slight Twinkling In The Atomic Structure’٭ and it seems as if a blessing came through from my grandmother, my maternal lineage.

The sharings from other people in the circle were infused with more remembrances. I love poems. They touch me deeply at soul level. There were several beautiful poems shared in that circle. The one that helped me experience another synchronicity was ‘The Blessing’ by John O’Donohue shared by Claire Prendergast. In the last couple of weeks, I had heard two other writings from the same writer. Synchronicities indicate a deeper message from the Source, especially in the magic of the transformational eclipse season. When I notice synchronicities I know I need to start paying more attention!

We have another opportunity to experience mystic order at the Global Reiki Lights Festival on Sunday December 12th 2021. This year it has been created with love and joy by TRA’s Events team. Please join us to create a wave of Reiki together, with loving kindness, strengthen our own connection to light, the creative power of the Universe, to see what needs to awaken in each one of us at this time, what needs to come through us. I love such opportunities to experience mystic order ie shared Reiki Practice that can help reveal more of what is still unknown or unconscious.

Deep gratitude to Reiki and The Reiki Association.


٭ Wanja Twan was initiated as a Reiki Master by Mrs Hawayo Takata. ‘A Slight Twinkling In The Atomic Structure’ is the title of the last book from Wanja. I love this book, it is deeply healing and helps make Wanja Twan’s energy more accessible. I feel very grateful to Wanja for having heard the call of Reiki and dedicating her life to this practice. Thank you Wanja for creating this path that I can follow on.

Eclipses and Transformation

Eclipses can be transformational and can affect us profoundly in many ways. They can help reveal what has been hidden/dormant within us. This revelatory process can be quite mystical and mysterious. Sometimes profoundly uncomfortable especially when difficult feelings get stirred.

When discomfort shows up, I find inspiration from Rumi’s poem Guesthouse to stay open and welcome what life is bringing my way. For sometimes it can show up as lemons. If I try and consume lemons on their own, I struggle. If I stay open to creating a delicious, delightful dish with the lemons, I may be able to feel grateful for the lemons.

It is not easy to know what dish to create right away. I have learnt to stay present and open to receive the next clue that is being made available. It can come through any of the senses. Staying open and welcoming in moments of discomfort can be invaluable. I feel so grateful to Rumi for this inspiration.

How are you experiencing this eclipse? Would you like to join the Workshop that my Reiki colleague and Astrologer Tanya Cohen and I are offering to
Date:            Sunday 28, November, 2021
Time:           4.00pm – 6.00pm
Location:     Online. You need to subscribe to my Newsletter to receive the Zoom link.

All are welcome. You do not need to know anything about astrology or Reiki to be able to attend. You simply need to be open to receiving the transformative power of the eclipses.

Healing Trees

crab apple leaf autumn

Nature is always magical. It seems especially magical at this time with the glorious autumn colours. So many trees are displaying their beauty as if trying to catch my attention and saying – Look at me.

I have been feeling particularly drawn to a sequoia tree in my local park. I love its sweet fragrance. Sometimes I can sense it from quite far away. Sometimes I walk around it trying to catch a whiff of it. The fragrance seems to relax my nervous system. It helps me feel as if I can breathe clean pure fresh air despite being surrounded by streets busy with traffic in the middle of London.

After being with this tree I make my way to a pine tree. Today I realized that pine is the Bach remedy for guilt. In that moment it felt as if the tree was helping transmute this emotion, my tendency to blame myself, feeling I could have done better!


Standing under this tree, the gorgeous colours of two crab apple trees nearby caught my eye, with the realization that crab apple is the Bach remedy for cleansing and letting go. I have been admiring the autumn colours of the leaves of these two trees for days now, not realizing the healing available from the tree. Apparently crab apple can help with the quest for happiness, and to connect with the whole rather than over focus on little details.

crab apple autumn

I love walking around trees blessing their roots. And sometimes I enjoy walking in infinity loop pattern between two trees. So this morning the loop included the pine tree and the two crab apple trees. Now looking up these two remedies, I am learning that pine and crab apple are often used together for skin conditions.

I am grateful to mother nature for helping me remember what I need to remember and for such realisations and connections. I am also grateful for my Reiki practice and my Reiki teachers for helping me learn about Bach remedies and deepen connection with nature, especially through the Reiki Precept:
Show gratitude to every living thing.

My Birthday in 2021


This year my birthday was in the heart of the eclipse season. Solar Eclipses can be profoundly transformational – a time of new beginnings, new way of being, new way of living, new way of responding to life.

When I was born my mother nearly died. All my life I had believed that my birth caused much suffering for my mother. Recently I had a shift with the thought – what if my birth helped my mother to stay and live!

A few years ago, my maternal grandmother died on my birthday.  Like most people, I tend to connect with the pain and trauma held in the family tree. This year while remembering my grandmother, I felt a shift in my consciousness and felt a connection with the love and blessings from my ancestors.

My birthday was filled with many synchronicities. On the surface level they were small little things that I would have normally taken for granted. But on that day I was surprised by how happy and blessed they made me feel. A cousin sent me a photograph from my childhood. I don’t have many photos from when I was little. So this made me feel loved. Birthday cards arrived on the day, not before or after! Indian mangoes that I had ordered the week before, were delivered just as I was about to have breakfast. It felt as if my relationship with time was healing. I was born with Saturn on the Ascendant. For people interested in astrology, Saturn rules relationship with time and ancestors. While unwrapping a present, I felt as if I was unwrapping the gifts I have come to this lifetime with. And having the Indian mangoes helped me connect with my childhood. I may be biased, but Indian mangoes are the best, especially the alphonso variety. Do try them if you have not already.

I had been wishing to learn about the Reiki kanji for a long time. The day before my birthday The Reiki Association offered a webinar on Reiki kanji with Reiki Master Fokke Brink. It was a truly inspiring experience that helped transform some of my beliefs that cause worry and anger. I feel inspired me to pick up my brush with curiosity, staying open to what the brush and ink are helping reveal. It was interesting to realise that the fear I used to feel everytime I picked up the brush was because of the belief I had to brush a perfect kanji! It was an amazing cosmic birthday present.

Last week, a friend helped me remember I have the 20th anniversary of learning Reiki on the 17th June. I was born on the 2nd June, with Sun in the sign of Gemini, a sign of twins. When things come in pairs, I have learnt to pay attention.

I would like to celebrate my 20th anniversary of learning Reiki with you. I invite you to an online session of sharing Reiki stories – how did Reiki come into your life. I will share my Reiki story and I would love to hear yours. Every story, every voice matters. Stories nourish the soul. Everyone is welcome to this celebration of Reiki stories. You don’t have to be a Reiki student to join us. You can share your story or you can simple listen.

Sunday June 20th, 11 am – 12:30 pm BST.
Cost: free, it is my present to you, to say thank you for accompanying me on this journey.

I will send the Zoom link via email. Please subscribe to my newsletter email, if you don’t already rceive it, to be kept informed of all my offerings. I am looking forward to celebrating together with you.