Breakfast in Sunshine

Millet breakfast porridge

For breakfast, I have been having rolled oats soaked overnight in Yogurt (home made yogurt is so much nicer than the shop bought one) . The next morning I add some seeds & nuts that I soak in water overnight, separately from the oats. With lots of fresh fruit this dish does not need any extra sweetener. I have been enjoying almost the same combination of chia seeds, pumpkin seeds with walnuts, banana with some fresh berries or peach/nectarine, for quite a few weeks now.

Then in the last couple of days, I started to feel like a change. This morning I really enjoyed Millet porridge cooked with cinnamon, turmeric, a pinch of salt and blackener,  topped with coconut milk. The milk was completely absorbed. I know that organic does not always taste nicer, but organic cinnamon truly tastes better. I added some chia seeds soaked in water overnight. Lots of fresh fruit – I had bananas and strawberries today. Sat in the warm sunshine in the garden and thoroughly enjoyed this amazing breakfast listening to the birds singing, sitting on the grass, present in the moment. Sheer bliss :)

If you would like to learn about healthy vegetarian/vegan cooking and healing nutritional concepts like soaking, making yogurt or ghee at home, or cooking and eating with presence, Mamta offers nutritional healing workshops in London. Next one is on July 24th Please contact her for more information.

Politics and Spirituality

Image result for theresa may brexit success

Last few years I have been so disillusioned with the Politicians, that I had disengaged with the political process. But the Referendum and its aftermath is helping me to change. Brexit has touched my emotions in unexpected ways. It brought forth disappointment, fear and anxiety to begin with. It has challenged me and I feel willing to engage with the process unfolding around me.

The day of the Referendum, I was at my daughter’s Graduation ceremony. That same day, she moved back home with all the stuff she had accumulated in the last 3 years. She returned to what was and is her home. But while she was away, I had become used to not having her around. It has not been an easy adjustment to have her back each time she has come home in the last 3 years during the holidays.

I love my daughter and really want to enjoy our time together. But I could not help feeling the emotions that came up each time. I did not just feel cross with her, more importantly I felt cross with myself. When I experience discomfort in a relationship, I find it helpful to ask the question “What is their soul helping  my soul to experience”.

This time, as she and I were feeling cross with each other, we started hearing the News about Xenophobic incidents all around the country. Being an immigrant living in the UK, it brought up anxiety for myself, my family and my friends. I felt that I could always move back to India but my children were born here and they think of themselves as British. This is their home, their Country, they do not feel at home in India like I do.

With all this emotion and discomfort surfacing, I asked the question “What is this situation helping my soul to experience”.

The next morning I woke up with the realisation that what was happening in the country with Xenophobia, was playing out in my own home too. Mercifully at a smaller scale though. Much as I love my daughter, I was struggling with sharing what I had started to think of as my space.

Somehow this realisation helped me to see the ways in which I can be intolerant. It seems to have helped bring a part of me that I was not so conscious of, into conscious awareness. It is not a part that I am happy to own. But I know that as I become aware of it and accept it, I will not keep getting triggered by it unexpectedly.

I feel something softened inside me and it helped transform the relationship with my daughter and we were able to enjoy our time together before she went away for two months. With the astronomical cost of housing in London, she is going to live at home when she starts work in September.

Thinking of the housing crisis in London, I felt that so many young people are having to share their living space. I know that is not always easy and that people do struggle with it. I felt that there must be so much unhappiness about sharing, in the collective consciousness as a result. Making more affordable homes available will help, but is not really the complete solution as it is simply not feasible to match the number of homes to the number of people who would like to come and live in London. Perhaps one aspect of this crisis is to reflect on what this situation is helping each of us to become aware of! Awareness brings transformation and freedom from the patterns that can keep repeating and cause discomfort and unhappiness.

I know that I cannot go around telling other people to change or to do or not do things in a certain way. But I can harness the power of the discomfort I am experiencing, by asking the question ‘What is this situation helping my Soul to experience’. I find the answer comes in its own time. Just as I cannot rush the time it takes for a plant to come to fruition, I cannot always receive the answer straightaway. But simply through asking the question, I am letting the Universe know that I am open to receiving the answer. And the answer comes when I am ready to receive it. Trusting that a solution has also been made available for me, alongside a challenge that I am experiencing helps me to not go into fear and therefore constriction mode, feeling anxious about what do I need to do. Perhaps all I need to do is to take a few conscious breaths. I know it helps me to be still, and be in the present moment. This is really important to be able to receive the solution. Just as I have to be at home to receive a parcel that I am expecting to be delivered!

When I heard Theresa May promise to make Brexit a success earlier this week, her words touched me. Somehow at an inner intuitive level, it helped me to feel positive about the whole political situation. I was reminded to share these thoughts with you. I feel positive about her becoming the Prime Minister (PM). I know that I am feeling positive now but it may not stay the same. I may not always agree with the choices and decisions that she will make as PM. But in such moments, I trust that my daily spiritual practices of Reiki and Yoga will help me to stay present. I find the Mantra Om Sahana Vavatu very helpful for restoring peace and harmony when I find myself in an uncomfortable space disagreeing with others.

Somehow I feel more positive about the whole post Brexit situation.  So much so that I can even bring myself to feel gratitude towards Michael Gove for playing his part in the Tory leadership campaign and stopping Boris Johnson from entering the race!

I wish for a government that will help improve the well being of all the people in this country, and will play a positive role to help restore peace and harmony in the rest of the world as well. I am willing to play my role in this process, in alignment with my life purpose. Doing what I am here to do, being who I am here to be in this lifetime is vital for living  life with peace and joy.

At this point of time, I do not know how this will unfold, what do I have to do, but I feel okay with not knowing for now. I trust that my daily spiritual practices of Reiki and Yoga will help me find the path forward.

Loved this photo of Theresa May that I found through Google on DailyMail website.

Healthy Indian Cooking Workshop

lentil rice art

I am feeling inspired to start offering the Healthy Indian cooking workshops again.  I will show you how to prepare a simple, traditional, healthy Indian vegetarian meal based on Ayurvedic principles. The meal will be suitable for vegans as well. This is the kind of meal I grew up with in India, which is still prepared in a lot of Indian homes.

I will also share about how cooking can be a grounding experience, how we can be more present in our body to be able to absorb the nutrition from the food we prepare ourselves. Then we enjoy the delicious meal we would have prepared together.

This session is for everyone who loves Indian food. It is especially for the people who would like to learn how to cook a healthy Indian meal.

Date: Sunday 24th July, 2016
Time: 10:30 am till about 2 pm
Venue: my kitchen, N5 1PU
Cost: £45.

Please contact me if you would like to join us for this creative healing session.

Attention and Presence

I was teaching a Reiki Level 1 Class this week and the word attention came up a few times in the class. This word has been catching my attention repeatedly in the last few days.

My husband told me about the Hawthorne Effect, when I got home after my third appointment at the Yoga Therapy Clinic in the last two months and was raving about how beneficial these monthly sessions have been. Wikipedia states the Hawthorne Effect (also referred to as the Observer Effect) is a type of reactivity in which individuals modify or improve an aspect of their behavior in response to their awareness of being observed.

At the Yoga Therapy clinic, there are four people working in a team to look after a client. There is one trainee therapist who interacts with me, the client. She is supervised by a fully qualified Yoga therapist. There are two more trainee therapists observing and supporting the trainee therapist looking after me. I did feel self conscious at the beginning of my first visit, with four pairs of eyes focused on me. But the self consciousness disappeared pretty quickly once I felt the love and care in the attention that I was receiving. It seemed like the love was multiplied four times.

I have been quite good with daily practice of the Yoga sequence I am given at the Clinic. This Yoga sequence is personalised to my needs and helps me to feel better each time I practise. With attending a Yoga class regularly every week, a couple of Yoga workshops that I have done in the last couple of months and my daily Reiki self practice, something seems to be working. I have gone to the Yoga Therapy Clinic with a major issue each time, something that I have been struggling with for a while eg breathing difficulty. Amazingly the symptoms have disappeared by the time I have gone for the next appointment after one month.

To me it is not important to know what is working, or how Yoga is helping me, or whether Reiki is helping me to go deeper with the Yoga practice. I am simply grateful to be able to breathe and not have to worry about not being able to breathe. I am grateful to be able to go for walks and climb the stairs without struggling to breathe.

I am very grateful for allopathic medicine and use it when I have to. However my preference is for natural ways to help myself. I prefer to have relief from symptoms without having to take medication on a regular basis. When I was struggling to breathe, inhaler would provide relief from the symptoms but temporarily. Yoga and Reiki seem to provide much deeper relief, and there are no side effects. I know that nothing stays the same forever and asthma can come back. But I am not worrying about it.

I am very grateful for relief from the menopausal symptoms I was suffering from when I went for the second appointment.

Reflecting on the word ‘attention’, I find that it is very connected with being present. I know that when I give attention to my breath, it helps in many different ways. Every time I give attention to what I am doing, whether it is eating, walking, cleaning, I am more present in the moment, and in my body. Every time I give myself a Reiki treatment or practise Yoga, I am giving attention to all levels of my being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Self massage is another way of giving attention to the body. Meditation is a way of giving attention to the inner self.

It feels amazing to realise that the simple act of observing/giving attention can help bring about improvement. I know that I have been giving attention to all sorts of things in my life. Some of it has been conscious and a lot has been subconscious. It feels good to realise that I am becoming more aware of what I am giving attention to and the difference it can make. Hopefully this awareness will bring better balance and presence.

I am feeling very grateful to my husband for helping spark off all these insights with his comment about the Hawthorne Effect. I cannot help wishing that he would go to the Yoga Therapy clinic and try the Hawthorne effect for himself, especially as no previous Yoga experience is required!

Best birthday so far ….

Yesterday, was a magical day, full of many synchronicities, connections, remembrances and blessings. It was my birthday, the best birthday so far. The day started with many birthday wishes. They came in waves from many different parts of the world. Starting from the East, then Europe followed  by America, and went back to Japan.  Thank you everyone for the wishes and sending love my way. Each wish seems to have helped touch my heart, helped it open a little more to be able to receive a little more love.

This birthday helped bring together various strands in my life – receiving healing through food/cooking, nature, mantras, yoga, astrology….

Normally I like to go out for a special birthday meal. On this birthday I felt very drawn to cooking a simple Indian meal.

This was followed by a wonderful walk on Hampstead Heath with my husband.

_____ fox glove hampstead heath

In the evening I went to the Deva Premal & Miten Concert with my husband & Reiki friends. Thank you Deva Premal, Miten & team for the magical, heart warming and heart opening concert in London yesterday. Thank you for coming here on my birthday, and so near me – the venue was only 10 minutes walk away from home. I experienced many profound, insightful moments at the concert yesterday, taking the mantras that I love to a deeper inner level.

There is a New Moon this coming weekend. Astrologically this New Moon is particularly significant. The New Moon energy is especially helpful with letting go of what does not serve us anymore, and planting seeds for new beginnings. To me, this new moon seems to be helping transform patterns to be able to live life with more ease.

Yoga teaches me that when I am comfortable, I am more likely to be still, and therefore more willing to be in the present moment, reducing the need for resorting to escapism. This can happen in so many different ways – through addictions, escapism and imbalance in the way I spend time – whether it is being glued to screens, even spending too much time with spiritual practices!

I find it very interesting that this insight about time is coming up now, as the planet opposing the Sun & the Moon is Saturn, the planet of time! An opposition is a call, an opportunity for receiving some more light, strength and wisdom to bring balance in my life. Feels good to realise that I can look forward to better balance in the way I spend time!

Saturn is not just about time, it is also the inner critic and the wise inner teacher. When I struggle with something, the inner critic would surface and I would think of what am I not doing or what am I not doing right. Now I am finding it increasingly helpful to look at the situation as an opportunity to deepen my connection with the inner teacher and stay open to receiving.

I experienced this at a Yoga class earlier in the week at my favourite Restorative Yoga class. I heard the teacher say that restorative yoga is about settling in a comfortable position to be able to receive. I have felt immensely comfortable in some of the same yoga postures before. But that day I just could not settle. I was wondering what it was about and it suddenly dawned on me that this discomfort was creating a window of opportunity for me to learn, for me to learn about receiving and about being at ease. At the end of the class, my Yoga teacher read the poem Clearing by Martha Postlewaite and it resonated deeply.

“Do not try to save the whole world or do anything grandiose.
Instead, create a clearing in the dense forest of your life and wait there patiently,
until the song that is your life falls into your own cupped hands and you recognize and greet it.
Only then will you know how to give yourself to this world so worth of rescue.”

I received another way of deepening connection with the inner teacher at the Concert yesterday with the Mantra ‘Aad Gurey Namaha‘. Thank you Miten for this reminder.

One of the ways the Universe is helping us at this time, is with transforming the patterns that have been keeping us stuck so that we can live our life with more ease, presence, joy, love, good health and abundance.

One of the keys to this transformation is through connecting with what our soul longs for. Nurturing this longing can help with moving forward in life. Discovering these longings, knowing how to nurture ourselves is not always easy. There are many ways to connect with the soul. Paying special attention to our intuition and  emotions that are surfacing at this time can be very helpful.  At the concert yesterday, I felt that the Mantra ‘Asato Ma Sadgamaya‘ is also particularly significant at this time as it is a prayer to move from misperceptions to our inner truth, a call to shine the light of awareness on what is hidden (ie our longings) and needs to come up to the conscious awareness.

This feels like a great time to strengthen our inner light so that it can shine bright like the Sun.

I feel very blessed and grateful to have you and all these strands in my life, all my teachers, my daily spiritual practices of Reiki and Yoga that continue to strengthen my optimistic muscle, deepen my connection with the Source, my inner self, and keep bringing me back to balance, peace and harmony.

15 years of daily Reiki self treatment


One of the best things a student receives from attending a Reiki class, when one learns Reiki, is the ability to give oneself a Reiki treatment. This is referred to as Reiki self treatment.

Reiki self treatment involves placing our hands on our body in a series of hand positions that are taught in the Reiki class. A self treatment is ideally done for 30 to 60 minutes a day. If you struggle to find this length of time, even 15 minutes of Reiki everyday can be very beneficial. In Hawayo Takata’s words ‘Some Reiki is better than no Reiki’.

While reflecting on Reiki self treatment recently, I realised that my 15 year anniversary of learning Reiki is coming up in June 2016. I am really glad to have learnt Reiki. I feel even more glad that I have been self treating daily for this length of time. Reiki has helped me in every way that I need, at every level that I need – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. One of the nicest ways it has helped me is to be more connected with the Source, with the Universal flow, with my inner self. This connection can be invaluable with finding the way forward in life and figure out the next step. I know that I would not be in the space I am in if I did not have Reiki in my life.

Passing on the ability to practice Reiki seems to be the best way to mark this anniversary. I cannot think of a better way to spend this time other than teaching a Reiki level 1 class. If you would like to learn Reiki in June with me, I would love to invite you to attend this special Reiki class. If you have already learnt Reiki, you may wish to refresh level 1 Reiki. It can be a wonderful healing experience to sit in on a Reiki class and be immersed in the Reiki energy over four days.

If you would like to find out more about learning Reiki or sitting in on a Reiki class, please do contact me. I would love to hear from you.

If you have already learnt Reiki, it would be wonderful to know how you have benefitted from being able to do daily Reiki self treatment. Please do share your experience. You may inspire someone to learn Reiki.

Reiki for exam stress

Student life, especially in the final years of school or University can be a lot of fun but also stressful. Exams, assignments, living away from home, all the choices one has to make about course options, future employment, internship… can bring on anxiety and stress.

I have been invited to give Reiki treatments to students at Metropolitan University in London on 19th April 2016, at a Well-being day organised by some students. Having one child at University and the other doing AS levels at school helps me to be aware of the challenges students face these days.

exam stress

This invitation has also helped me to reflect on my own time at University and reminded me of how stressful this stage of life can be. How I wish I had known about Reiki when I was younger! I know that Reiki healing can help cope with stress and anxiety. It can be especially beneficial when we need to perform and do our best but anxiety and stress can block/limit us.

Receiving Reiki treatments from a Reiki practitioner can be very helpful when we are experiencing stress. However, the best way to benefit from Reiki healing is to learn Reiki oneself so that we can give a Reiki treatment to ourselves every day. It is quick and easy to learn Reiki and it does not cost a fortune either. I continue to feel that Reiki is one of the best things I have ever learnt, as it helps and supports me in every way I need.

If you are experiencing continued stress and need help to alleviate it, please do try a Reiki treatment. If there are other people around you who are struggling with stress and/or anxiety, you can invite a Reiki Practitioner to come and give Reiki treatments to you and your friends/colleagues. If you are based in London, I would love to be able to support you. If you would like to invite me to your University or Office/workplace please do contact me. You can also find a Reiki practitioner near you on The Reiki Association Website.

Thanks to for the image.

Struggling with the daily commute in London!

Love london

Living in London has many many advantages. Yet like anything else, it is a mixed blessing. Living in London comes with the challenges of living in a large city. Coping with the daily commute, especially in peak hours, is getting increasingly diffcult. I was reminded of the challenges of this aspect of life in London while reading the funny yet quite insightful article in the Online publication North Four titled Inner peace in Inner London. Along with Yoga and meditation, it was a delight to see Reiki being included in the article and Reiki with Mamta being featured in it.

Reading the article reminded me of Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh’s talk in London a few years ago that I had been to. He was asked about staying kind and mindful while coping with being pushed and jostled on the train journey to work, with the need to have to push your way onto a train carriage in order to get to work on time. His reply was give yourself more time, leave home earlier.

I also remembered a tube journey a few months ago. I happened to be sitting opposite two chidren who were about 4 to 5 years old. They were looking at everything with wide admiring eyes – fascinated with and marvelling at everything that we, as grownups, take for granted. I could see the mother starting to feel embarrassed at their attitude. Maybe it was their first tube journey!

I felt very grateful for being able to see the tube journey through the children’s eyes. I felt glad to be reminded that each tube journey is indeed a technological marvel – yet we take it for granted. We can get so annoyed when the trains do not work and we are late getting to our destination. If we can feel grateful for all the times it works and helps us arrive at our destination with relative ease and punctuality – we may not feel as cross when it does not work. If we can start each journey with gratitude, the energy in the stations, the tunnels and the roads will be more positive. Who knows, it may even help the transport network to continue to function more efficiently! After all gratitude is a form of love. And it seems easier to see how love can nourish our relationships and help them to function better.

I feel really grateful for my daily practice of Reiki that helps me see life this way.

I offer Reiki treatments and teach Reiki classes in London every month. Please contact me if you would like a treatment or to learn Reiki with me.

Gratitude to Printsome for the image.

Struggling with Challenges


I received this message from a Reiki student a few days ago:

“I don’t know what always happens in my life, I can’t understand I am always in trouble somehow I am always cornered in some ways I don’t know why and how. There are lots going on at this moment it looks like am captured in a cage I am always in trouble. I don’t have any friends to talk to.

Basically I am blocked from everywhere. Work I have problems. Kids I have problems. I have been dreaming I am in a cage block in my house there are no lights it’s darkness only.”

Reflecting on her message and wondering about what I could say to support her through this, some thoughts came up. She has kindly allowed me to share the reply with you in case it helps you navigate life with peace and acceptance.

Firstly it helps me to remember that I am not alone in experiencing challenges. All of us experience difficulties from time to time. They may be different from mine, but we are all here, in this lifetime, to work through some challenges.

Perhaps the Universe is helping me learn acceptance through these experiences. When challenges come my way, I find that I have a choice. I can either go into victim mode – why me, why is this happening to me; or I can stay open and present to be able to receive the gift, the light, the strength the wisdom that accompanies each challenge. Staying with the breath helps me to be present. Acceptance of what is happening helps me to stay open.

I know that it is not easy to stay centred in such times and remember these things. This is where a daily spiritual practice like Reiki or meditation can help. It strengthens me and helps me to respond to life differently – different to how I used to respond.

Sometimes I find it helpful to ask the question – What is the gift this situation is helping bring forth? I am also finding it helpful to ask or pray for grace, for the strength and wisdom I need to be able to navigate life with peace and acceptance.

The student’s comment about light and darkness reminded me of the polarity of light and dark. A shadow appears when something blocks the source of light. Maybe experiencing difficulties in life is akin to encountering the shadow first. In such moments, it may help to remember that the shadow is appearing to help lead me to the light. Also trusting that one of the ways Reiki can help is to release what may be blocking me and keeping me from being able to move forward in life.

I also find it helpful to remember that nothing in life stays the same forever – just as clouds come and go in the sky, remembering that this too shall pass can be very helpful when I am not able to see the light.

This message from Eckhart Tolle helped me on New Year’s Eve when I received the news of two deaths in my family. “Eckhart teaches about the two aspects to the situations that arise in your life– the practical and spiritual. The spiritual aspect is to dissolve the unconsciousness when things go “wrong” in your life, because the challenges are there to support you in awakening. As you live more consciously you will notice more harmony in your surroundings. How you experience external reality is through the state of consciousness or unconsciousness. The state of consciousness that you embody creates a new earth.”  You may also like to hear him talk about this in a brief video on:

I feel very grateful to this student for writing to me about her experience. As you can see it has helped inspire this sharing.

Reiki healing in 2015

candle in dark

Meditation has become a bigger part of my life this year. I have been going to the North London Buddhist Centre quite regularly, especially since attending the workshop ‘Work, money and miracles’ with Marianne Williamson in autumn 2015. The key message I received at this workshop was to go within to seek answers for the challenges I am struggling with.

I was at the Buddhist Centre for the Solstice celebration. With poetry, meditation and reflection, I was somehow able to relate to the value of the darkness that this season brings. It helped me see how the acceptance of darkness is connected to acceptance of the unknown parts of me, my shadow, where a lot of my strengths and weaknesses are hidden. This helps me to accept the short days and not long so much for the light – making it easier to be in the present moment. It helps me to accept what is happening now and let go of the attachment, the preference for the light, the sunshine and the longer days.

It has been interesting to observe how all the different practices I have in my life complement each other and help enhance the quality of my life. Meditation enriches my daily Reiki self-treatments. Awareness of what is happening with the stars and planets in the Zodiac helps me to stay in better alignment with what the Universe is facilitating at the present time. QiGong helps me to be more present in my body and deepens my connection with Earth.

During my Reiki self treatment on the morning of 26th December, the day after the full moon on Christmas day, I felt that all I need was made available to me when I came into this lifetime. Clues to this are in my Soul Plan and my Astrology chart. It feels like all the riches I need have been made available for me in this lifetime – good health, peace, joy, love, abundance. It seems equivalent to having lots of money in my bank account, but not being aware of it and therefore not being able to access it, living with a feeling of lack and continually applying for a loan to help tide me over.

So why I am not able to access the riches in my bank account? Perhaps this is the work in this lifetime – to be able to let go of what keeps me from being able to access this account, perhaps it is the misperceptions I have, perhaps it is my fear based emotions that hold me back. I know from personal experience that it is not easy to let go. Fear of the unknown can keep me from being able to release what does not serve me anymore.

The comforting thing is that my daily Reiki practice, the daily Reiki self treatment is one of the best ways to keep releasing what I do not need. I know that Reiki can help me in many many different ways. Yet at times it seems like nothing is happening, especially when there are no visible benefits. I am so glad that I have managed to continue with the daily practice of Reiki since 2001 despite these ups and downs. When an insight flows through during a Reiki self treatment, and helps me to be able to breathe with ease – I know that a big shift is happening. This gives me hope. It inspires and motivates me to continue with the daily practice of Reiki.

Soul Plan Reading – Testimonials

I have benefitted immensely from receiving my own Soul Plan Reading last year with Blue Marsden. It feels like a life changing event. It has been invaluable to have learnt the technique and to be able to give readings. Each time I give a reading, some insight flows through that facilitates my life too. Receiving testimonials like these makes my work beautifully satisying:

I am so very grateful for the incredibly powerful and insightful Soul Plan reading. You created a safe and supportive space to guide me through it and you explained the reading in a deeply healing and personal way. Three months after my Soul Plan Reading, I am able to appreciate the healing and shift in consciousness and perception that has been taking place within me since then and I am beginning to feel these being translated in my outer world. The Soul Plan reading was a true gift and will continue to resonate for a long time to come.

- ND Surrey

“I booked a Soul Plan Reading (SPR) with Mamta as I felt I was at a crossroad in my life and needed some answers.   The SPR was very interesting indeed and since then I have changed my way of seeing things.   I felt that the SPR  Mamta prepared for me was a positive confirmation and reassurance that I was on the right track.  Mamta was very precise in her analysis and not having met me before I was surprised to see how she was so spot on about my life.  Mamta delivered the information in a gentle and caring way and I would strongly recommend going to see her to have your Soul Reading.  You will be amazed.”

- Martine

Healing for Paris attacks

I feel so grateful for my Reiki practice at such times. I sent Reiki healing to all those who are suffering, and for the light strength and wisdom this situation is helping bring into the world. I was reminded of Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching of sending love to soothe and heal the pain in our own heart to be able to bring it into this world for the terrorists and the perpetrators. Hopefully this will help heal the pain in the collective consciousness and lower the probability of such events happening.

Reiki practice is invaluable in such situations. I also know that it is not the only way. All of us have the invaluable gift of our breath – breathing in light, breathing out love. Breathing with awareness can help us to cope with the pain that we are all experiencing whether or not we are directly affected by the attacks in Paris.

Please join me in breathing with awareness. Even if we can do it for a couple of breaths each time we think of the Paris attacks, it can be very helpful. It can help in many more ways than our mind can imagine.

Reiki level 1 class in November in London

Autumn leaves

Learning Reiki is empowering and enables us to give ourself a Reiki treatment everyday. Reiki is always beneficial but at this time of the year it can be extra helpful when we may be feeling tired or stressed or unwell.

The schedule for the next Reiki level one class in November 2015 is:

Thursday Nov 26, 7 pm – 9:30 pm
Friday Nov 27, 7 pm – 9:30 pm
Saturday Nov 28, 10:00 am – 1:30 pm
Sunday Nov 29, 10:00 am – 1:30 pm

It is necessary to attend all the four sessions of a class. Each session starts promptly, ending time is approximate.

Please visit my website for more info about the Reiki class or to book a place.

You can also view testimonials about my Reiki classes on my website or on Google.

If you would like to have a treatment with me, you can find out about what I offer on

Any questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Value of everything

earring back

This morning, on waking up, I realised that I had forgotten to take off my earrings last night. They must have come off during the night. I found both the earrings on the bed, but only one back. Later on when sitting up for my morning meditation in bed, I saw something small on the bed. In my half awake state, I thought that it was a piece of fluff or something like that so I flicked it off the bed. It was only when I heard the sound of metal on the wooden floor that I realised what I had done. Yes I had managed to throw away something useful – the missing earring back. I tried to look for it but could not see it on the floor. As I usually do, I asked the Universe for the message from this experience. What I got was that we often wish to get rid of what may not seem useful – like my asthma. I do often wish it would go away especially when I am struggling to breathe. This made me wonder if it has been serving some useful purpose – like the earring back.

I have been wishing to accept my asthma with gratitude. This is something I am learning from the 21 day online meditation offered by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey on Gratitude. It has been amazing to learn that Gratitude invokes Grace. I feel that if I am able to feel gratitude for the difficulty I face in life, hopefully it will help me to be open to receiving Grace that is needed to work through the difficulty.

I have heard it being said that our biggest challenge can be our greatest gift. But I had not really understood it. The daily meditation and then this experience helps me feel that I am beginning to understand it. The challenges that I face, help me to be more open to receive some more light, strength and wisdom that I need to work through the difficulty.

The last Reiki Principle is ‘Show gratitude for every living thing’. The 21 day meditation on gratitude is helping me feel gratitude for everything!

I offer Reiki treatments and teach Reiki classes in London every month. Please contact me if you would like a treatment or to learn Reiki with me.

Value of emotions

blackberry thorns

I love blackberries. I was really happy to see them start to grow in my garden from the neighbour’s. Little did I realise at the time how easily they can spread. Now I am trying to contain them!

While pruning some overgrown branches a few days ago I got a thorn in my finger. I noticed it much later, at night time and tried to remove it. But it was not easy with one hand. I remembered to use some magnesium sulphate and asked my daughter to help. She tried with a pair of tweezers, a needle, some tea tree oil but it would not budge. So I decided to leave it for the next day and try again in daylight. The next morning I asked my husband to help. I was trying to squeeze the finger from all possible angles but it was not working. Interestingly each time I squeezed the finger, some fluid would ooze out from where the splinter was. Eventually after a lot of squeezing and poking – it seemed to slide out on its own. I could see that it was the tip of a thorn.

Initially I was amazed at how easily it slid out. It suddenly dawned on me that this is how life works. When I am being squeezed by life and experiencing discomfort, the emotions that come up are there to facilitate a wound/pain to be released. I had heard that fluids represent emotions. But I did not really understand it. This experience helped me to see how emotions can help release a wound that I may have. It helped me to see the need to honour my emotions, allow myself to feel them and not tell myself that I should not be feeling this way.

When I am being squeezed by life, I may not be able to see the wound or understand why I am feeling emotional. This realisation strengthens me and allows me to feel the emotions that come up from time to time.

With deep gratitude for my Reiki practice that helps me with the strength and wisdom to navigate life from this perspective.

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Struggling with the hot weather!

When the weather is hot, making cooling and hydrating nutritional choices helps me to cope better with the heat. Here is an article I wrote for TOUCH magazine where I shared some nutritional tips and recipes for the summer season that I find helpful.

Hope you enjoy some of these tips and the recipes.

I am grateful to the TOUCH team for the pdf version of the article.

Please visit the website of The Reiki Association for more information about TOUCH. It is also available to non members on subscription.

Reiki for mothers

I often hear mothers, with babies or little children, say that they are not able to self treat regularly. Mothers miss being able to self treat because they know they need it. They know that it will help them cope better with the demands of being a mother. Yet they can have such busy lives that they may not be able to make much time for themselves and self treat.

One of the nicest things about Reiki practice is that it is very simple and therefore quite easy to integrate in our daily life. We can do it anywhere, anytime, irrespective of what may be happening around us. For example, we could be self treating while children are playing nearby.

One of the keys to being able to self treat regularly is to remember to do it – and it is truly as simple as placing our hands on ourselves whenever our hands are free. I have heard it said that Mrs Takata used to teach ‘Hands on Reiki flows, hands off Reiki stops’. Reiki is such a beautifully simple practice that sometimes we may be doing Reiki self treatment without thinking about it.

We could place our hands on the heart when we go to bed. This can be a good time to connect with Reiki energy. It can enhance the quality of our sleep and help us wake up feeling more revitalised. Mrs Hawayo Takata used to say that some Reiki is better than no Reiki. If the hands stay on our body when we fall asleep, hopefully the Reiki energy will continue to flow. We could be multitasking – self treating even while sleeping.

It can also be helpful to remember that each time we give Reiki to our children (especially for children under five), it counts towards our Reiki self treatment. When I first learnt Reiki, my children were quite young. It was amazing to be able to give them Reiki at bedtime. It used to help them sleep better and therefore I got to sleep too.

If you have not been able to self treat for a while and you start to self treat regularly, it will gradually help the flow to be re-established. Just as sludge may collect in a water pipe if water has not been flowing through it, if we do not use Reiki for a while, the flow of energy through us may not be like how it used to be. You can improve the reconnection process through these options:
• You can receive a Reiki treatment from a Reiki Practitioner who gives themselves a Reiki treatment regularly.
• You can attend a Reiki Share where you would get the opportunity to give and receive a Reiki treatment.
• Or you may sit in on a Reiki class to refresh your connection with your Reiki practice. Sitting in on a Reiki class can be a deep healing experience. You have Reiki for life once you have been initiated – so you do not need to receive the Reiki initiations again.

I believe that our Reiki self treatment helps deepen our connection with the Source or the Universal Life Force energy. There are many ways of connecting with the Source energy. Being with our children is another way of deepening this connection. I feel that children, especially when they are really young, perhaps when they are below five years of age, have a deep connection with the Source. Every time we laugh with our children or play with them, we are deepening this connection. Simply being with them can be a wonderful way of connecting with the Source, especially when we can do it with acceptance and presence without wishing we were elsewhere, doing other things, without thinking of the next thing on our long list of things to do!

I am offering a Reiki workshop for Mothers on Sunday 20th September with The Reiki Association. If you would like to find out more about how to use Reiki for yourself and your children, or how to integrate Reiki in your daily life, I really hope that you will be able to come to the workshop. If you struggle with juggling to keep all the different balls in the air as a parent, attending this workshop may give you the strength and wisdom you need to be able to do it with peace and joy.

Reiki for Mothers workshop

When to receive Reiki treatment

reiki treatmentIt is always beneficial to receive a Reiki treatment from another person. However there are times when a Reiki treatment can be extra helpful.

We can be more vulnerable to catching bugs during change of season.  So this can be a good time to support ourselves with a Reiki treatment as Reiki can help boost the immune system and help us adapt to the changes in the environment!

It is very beneficial to receive a Reiki treatment regularly. How often to have a Reiki treatment depends on what is happening in our life. For high stress levels, weekly treatments are recommended. For chronic stress or for a long standing condition, a more powerful way of experiencing Reiki healing is to start with four consecutive Reiki treatments as each day Reiki healing can go to a deeper level.

During pregnancy, it can be very beneficial for the mother to receive a Reiki treatment regularly. Once a month is good, once a week is ideal. When the mother is well and relaxed, the baby benefits too. It is also very beneficial to have at least one Reiki treatment as soon after the birth as possible to help with post natal recovery.

Receiving Reiki treatments from another person requires time and money. If receiving regular Reiki treatments or four consecutive Reiki treatments is not feasible, listen to your inner guidance to decide how often to receive Reiki treatments. Do what you are drawn to. Honour what is coming up in your awareness. So for example, if you think of Reiki, it is your inner self guiding you. Perhaps the Universe guides us to what we need through what comes up in our conscious awareness.  I believe that the first thought is the guidance. The but‘s and what if’s that may follow is the mind/fear based thinking.

It is natural to seek Reiki healing when we are suffering. It is also helpful to know that it is better to receive a Reiki treatment when we are well as it takes fewer treatments to maintain balance and enhance our wellbeing. It can take more treatments to restore health once we are unwell. So please listen to the whispers of the body and go for a healing session when you can. It is better to listen to the whispers so that the body does not have to shout at us to get our attention. Just as it is easier to remove a weed when it is small, it takes less effort to restore health before a condition becomes firmly established. Just as we have to look after our car with annual service and MOT, it is worth treating ourselves with similar care.

If money is an issue, it is still possible to receive a Reiki treatment. If you have learnt Reiki, you can attend a Reiki Share where you are able to give and receive Reiki treatments either for free or for a small cost. You can also swap treatments with other Reiki students in your area. If you are self treating regularly, supplementing daily self treatment with receiving a Reiki treatment from another person periodically – even if it is once a year – can be very beneficial.

Learning Reiki can be a very cost effective way of benefiting from Reiki healing as it enables you to give a Reiki treatment to yourself every day. Attending a Reiki class is not just about learning the practice but it can be a profound healing experience.

Reiki on Valentine’s Day!

heart in hand

Be your own Valentine and give yourself a Reiki treatment, especially on this day. Remember Reiki is also called unconditional love. It does not matter how I may be feeling – I know that a Reiki self treatment always works. I feel that each Reiki self treatment helps strengthen my connection to the Source. I also know that giving myself a daily Reiki treatment is an expression of self love, self care and self nurturing.

I suffer from Asthma. My interest in the concept of self love was piqued when I first heard of the link between autoimmune diseases and self love. The mantra Aham Prema cropped up immediately in my consciousness. The literal translation of this mantra is ‘I am love’. It is helpful to chant a mantra for at least 108 times for 21 days in a row to optimise the benefits. I could not maintain the discipline of doing this. I draw comfort from knowing that I give myself a Reiki treatment everyday and I have been doing this for nearly fourteen years now.

Recently I listened to an interview with Anita Moorjani about being ourselves, loving ourselves. I was deeply inspired and booked a place to attend her talk in London on February 28th, 2015. I find it more beneficial to listen to people in person. I enjoy reading books and listening to interviews in the media. But there is something very different about listening to someone in person. I find that connections happen within me, emotions are touched more deeply, my conscious mind may even drift away but I have come to trust that I get all that I need at that point of time. Somehow I get more out of reading their books after meeting the author.

I experienced some of this and more at the talk on ‘Science of self love’ by Dr David Hamilton I attended on 2nd February 2015 organised by Alternatives. It seemed like a lot of my questions were answered – questions that I was not even aware of having. It seems like self love is the key to several issues that I have been aware of recently – self esteem. During the talk I could see how self love could help life to flow with more ease. David talked about feeling ‘I am not enough’ and reminded me of the research done at Harvard University about the connection between body language and self esteem. He showed us a technique to practise everyday to help boost our confidence levels and to train our brain to start believing this. He uses his scientific knowledge to test the efficacy of practices like this. Apparently it is never too late to train our brain.

After the talk, I was able to ask David if he has done research with this Mantra and he said that he has not. But he has done research on loving kindness meditation and he discovered that it can help reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular activity.

Listening to him has strengthened my motivation to continue chanting the mantra Aham Prema. I have also started to practise the technique he showed us to train my brain.

David also talked about how the belief I am enough can lead us to the realm of I am where we can start trusting in our connection with everyone and everything, our infinite potential and how he feels Anita Moorjani embodies this. After listening to this I am looking forward even more to the 28th February. If you are planning to go, please do let me know. It will be good to meet you there.

I feel very grateful for all that I have in my life, especially my main spiritual practice of Reiki that helps me see life from this perspective.

I offer Reiki treatments and teach Reiki classes in London every month. Please contact me if you would like a treatment or to learn Reiki with me.

Soul Plan Reading

books on soul

A couple of years ago, my husband got me the book Soul Contracts by Caroline Myss for my birthday. I read about the concept of our soul agreeing to a certain plan before we are born and it really resonated with me. Soon after I started reading about Robert Schwartz’s work in Cygnus Review and I felt very drawn to learning more. After a few months, I gave in to this inner voice pushing me and bought his book Soul’s Gift. These two books helped me realise that working with the soul was really important to me.

A few months later I heard the Mantra for the soul on Deva Premal’s online meditation journey, and loved it. It reminded me of my Indian roots, the concept of the soul and rebirth that I have grown up with. I have been listening to this mantra quite regularly ever since. I find it especially helpful when I am feeling really unsettled or challenged. It can be very comforting to realise that the unsettling experience is simply helping me to become conscious of something that I need to be aware of. Apparently, part of our life purpose is to know ourselves and accept ourselves – not just the parts that we like, but especially the parts we may not like very much.

I was at a QiGong weekend in 2014 with a friend. I happened to be next to her when one of the QiGong teachers there was giving her business card to my friend. Somehow I found myself asking for one too. Then something made me turn the card over and on the back I read the words – Soul Plan Readings. I remember feeling as if my whole being lit up when I saw the words Soul Plan. I asked her about it. When she mentioned that it was based on our birth name – again it was a huge YES for me as I had been feeling for a while that our birth names are quite significant. I had felt for a while that the names we are given is not pure chance, that there is more to it than we realise.

I learnt that Soul Plan Reading is based on an ancient system of life purpose analysis written about in a book by Blue Marsden. I bought the book and signed up for a Soul Plan reading (SPR) with Blue through a Skype call. The reading was a profound experience – very emotional– at times I wanted to sob my heart out. At a deep inner level I could really feel the truth of what I was hearing. It made me wonder about how someone could know so much about me without ever having met me! Some of what I heard in the SPR I had heard before in my astrology reading. Sometimes it seems as if I need to receive the same message twice or from two different sources before it can register. Maybe it is the Gemini energy in me – where both parts of me need to hear it!

By the end of the reading I knew that I wanted to learn how to do SPRs. I spoke to Blue about it and booked a place on the course he was teaching in September 2014. The course was over three days. Like most healing modalities, the course was not just about learning this method but was a profoundly insightful and healing experience.

On my way to the course, one morning, I saw a girl walking across the park, fiddling with her mobile phone, not seeing a root protruding from the ground and nearly tripping over it. This experience made me realise that the SPR helps us to be more aware of the obstacles in our path. When we are able to see the obstacles, hopefully we can navigate around them with more grace and ease, and are less likely to fall over. Better awareness also helps with acceptance of what is happening in my life.

SPR does not just highlight the obstacles in our soul plan, but it helps us to see the gifts and strengths that we have, and how we can use these gifts to work through the challenges to achieve our goals. It helps me live my life in better alignment with my soul purpose and therefore feel more fulfilled and peaceful.

Having better awareness of my Soul Plan has been a deeply healing experience. At times it seems to have been a catalyst for memories to surface, for connections to be made, for insights to surface and healing to take place.

When I am struggling or feeling overwhelmed with life, remembering what my Soul gifts are and using them can help me to navigate the situation with more ease. When I am struggling with making a choice, it helps me to remember what my Soul Destiny is and making the choice in alignment with it. I used to worry so much about making the right choice but I have learnt that actually there is no right or wrong choice. It makes life so much easier to have realised that each choice I make simply helps shape the path my life takes. What I need is to be in the present moment and appreciate each moment as best as I can – enjoy it if possible. If it is not possible to enjoy it, I try to accept it for the gift, the strength and wisdom it is bringing my way.

Looking at the Soul plan of people in my life has helped me to understand them better and therefore be more accepting of them as they are. I feel that we are in each other’s life for a reason – to help us move forward on the path of our soul purpose. My husband helped me see this so beautifully by getting me the book on Soul Contract for my birthday. Little did he realise at the time, the process he was helping kick start in my life!

Mamta offers Soul Plan Reading. You can contact her on or 07782161477.