Have you ever wondered why not all Holly leaves are spiky! I was delighted to learn from a conservation officer at a local nature reserve recently, that the spikes appear when the tree has been nibbled at.

I had an aha moment when I heard this! So the spikes develop for protection and are part of survival strategy. It felt good to learn something positive about spikes. This made me wonder about us, human beings, about when spikes show up in relationships. I felt if only I can remember in such moments that spikes developed for self protection, and hold both of us with compassion, life and relationships would be much easier.

I am also remembering the Holly Bach essence. Dr. Bach said that Holly is one of the most important remedy – ‘Holly protects us from everything that is not Universal Love’. Apparently Holly can give us strength to bear vexations of life with understanding and tolerance.

If you have a holly bush/tree nearby, do spend few moments near it and stay for a few breaths. Or you may have Holly bach flower essence. You can put two drops of the Holly essence in a bottle or glass of water and sip this water a few times during the day.

As Reiki students, we can also use our Reiki practice to help connect with the heart, placing hands on the heart and self treating, trusting Reiki can help us connect with the Source and Holly comes from the same Source. Reiki also connects us with Universal Love. I used second degree Reiki today for a treatment to heal and reconcile with the spikes in my being.

It is interesting to view this today through the lens of astrology, while the Sun is in the sign of Leo – the body part for the sign of Leo is the heart. And the date today is 8/8! Some people believe there is an energetic portal open on the 8th day of the 8th month that is healing for the heart. It is called Lionsgate portal.

Nature is indeed a wonderful teacher and healer. This healing is of course not limited just to this day, it can be done anytime.