Reiki love

We feel better when we feel loved. It is well accepted that to have more love in our life, we have to allow more love to flow through us. It is all very well to be aware of this but how do we do it. How can we replace negative emotions like anger, dislike, intolerance – emotions that we all experience from time to time despite our best intentions to be good, with love for ourselves and for other people in our life.

Love, love consciousness, filling our heart with love and gratitude – I have become more and more aware of these teachings recently. These messages have been appearing in my life from several different sources. I happened to read the following words from Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, and they brought forth some thoughts:

“Think of love as water in a glass, and the glass as our being. When a glass has only a little water in it, it is empty. You can’t change the water level in the glass by waging war on the emptiness and trying to rip out the emptiness. The emptiness goes by filling the glass with more water. When you have bad feelings (like sadness or anger), you are empty of love, and so when you put love into yourself, the bad feelings are gone”.

These words reminded me that Reiki is also described as unconditional love. I feel that each Reiki treatment that we receive helps top up our love balance. For me being able to give myself a Reiki self healing treatment is a huge strength that my Reiki practice empowers me with. When we give ourselves a Reiki treatment everyday, we keep topping up our love balance regularly. Over time, with daily self treatments, the level of love in our being keeps getting higher. I feel that maybe this is another way that Reiki works. By helping more love to flow through us, the bad or the negative seems to lessen over time.

I learnt Reiki nearly 10 years ago. I have been giving myself a Reiki treatment everyday over the years. Well nearly, to be truthful. In the beginning I used to slip up occasionally, but once I started to feel the benefits I started to do it everyday. I do feel that over the years, the bad feelings have lessened. I continue to feel better about myself ie I feel more comfortable in my own skin. My relationships with others keep improving and my outlook on life continues to become more positive.

The nicest thing about this shift within me is that it has just happened over the years, gradually, naturally, without my having to do anything specific except for daily Reiki self healing treatments.

Thanks to Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot for the image.