I love astrology. I love how it can affirm what I am sensing intuitively.

The words Divine Magnificence surfaced in my consciousness a few days ago. I started paying attention to this part of my being with the awareness that this part is in each one of us, and what I give attention to grows. I know that the concept of Divinity within, comes from many spiritual and religious traditions. Having grown up in a Hindu family, familiar with the mantra Aham Brahmasmi, (Brahma, the creator is within me), this concept was not too difficult to relate to.

Despite this knowing, I was puzzled by these words. Having had self worth issues, I could not help wondering if I was veering towards the polar opposite end of this spectrum! A few days later, it dawned on me that this is the Neptune Jupiter conjunction in Pisces energy I am feeling.

Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune is related to Divine love, healing, oceans, poetry, mystical aspect of life. Jupiter is connected with expansion, miracles, blessings, magnificence really! Jupiter used to be the ruler of Pisces, before Neptune was discovered. So this conjunction in the sign of Pisces can be specially healing as both the rulers of Pisces are in their home sign and working harmoniously together. This energy in the water sign of Pisces holds the potential of melting what may have been blocking us and see life from a completely new perspective.

Pisces is the first house in my astrology chart. First house represents the sense of self. So Divine Magnificence started to make more sense.

Conjunction in astrology means, the two planets, Neptune and Jupiter appear to be very close to each other from the Earth’s perspective. This aspect is exact on April 12, 2022. But we would have been feeling this energy for a few weeks on either side of this date. This event happens about every 160 years. So, none of us will experience it again this lifetime!

Whether we follow astrology or not, each one of us will be feeling this Magnificent, Divine healing energy in some area of our life. Knowing which house is 23° Pisces in our astrology chart, can help us understand which area of our life this healing is focused on at this time. If you know the date, time and place of your birth you can look at your astrology birth chart for free at many astrology websites. I find this simple reference guide to the houses from Astrologer Yasmin Boland very helpful to understand what each house represents.

I am offering an online group session where I can guide you through this simple yet powerful exercise of figuring out which house is being affected. I will offer some guided meditation also. This simple knowledge can be amazingly supportive and empowering. I would love to share it with you. Knowing your astrology chart can help you understand which area of your life is being transformed in the forthcoming eclipse season starting on April 30th, and indeed each lunation, like the full moon on April 16th.

Date: Saturday April 16th
Time: 11 am BST, UK time to 12:30 pm.
Cost: Suggested contribution £20. You are welcome to pay what you can.

The zoom link will be sent through my newsletter email. If you do not receive it, you can subscribe to my newsletter email.

PS: If you do not know the time/place of your birth, then you would need to consult an astrologer specializing in casting birth chart with these unknowns. This session will not be suitable for finding your astrology birth chart. You would be welcome to join us for the meditation with the knowing that the group energy can help each one of present in sacred group space.

This session will be based on Western Astrology.