autumn leaves

Autumn is the season of transformation. This year, it feels as if Universe is giving us an opportunity to release what no longer serves us, from the roots. I had a wonderful example of this in my garden. Not wanting to wage a war with the slugs and snails, I have not been planting much in the garden over the last few years. I have been observing what is growing. Every year I keep pruning back the bushes that have been growing and now it seems like they are taking over the garden.

I heard a gardener say recently that these bushes need to be dug out from the root. Her words landed deep in my being. I got out the gardening fork and managed to dig out some of these undesirable bushes from the roots! This not only gave me a wonderful sense of achievement, it also helped me realise that I am finally willing and able to let go of these bushes. This experience feels very symbolic and gives me hope that it is the right time to let go of what is no longer needed, what keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns, and make space for what is needed, what we yearn for, what our heart and inner wisdom longs for.

Transformation is not always easy or comfortable. Being able to welcome what life is bringing our way, seems to help facilitate the process. Welcoming what is showing up with gratitude seems to help even more, letting gratitude transform what is needed at this time. Our Reiki practice helps deepen our connection to the Source and to Mother Earth, letting Mother Earth help with the transformation, just as she helps transform our waste products to fertiliser for nourishing new growth.

For those interested in Astrology, there is a conjunction happening in January 2020, between two slow moving planets – Pluto(transformation) and Saturn(perfection/mastery) in Capricorn (Earth sign). The last time this conjunction happened in Capricorn – was about 500 years ago. The conjunction happens exactly in January 2020. But it has been building up gradually, preparing us for this profound deep-rooted transformation. Whether we are aware of the astrology or not, we have been feeling it. And it is definitely not going to happen like this, again, in our lifetime. So we have to make the most of this present moment.

The mantra – breathing in I welcome the present moment, breathing out I accept it with gratitude – continues to sustain me.

It feels like the right time to deepen our connection with the Earth to be able to transform what we are here at this time to transform, mastering/perfecting the way we live life so that we can step out of repetitive patterns that cause suffering to be in better alignment with love, peace, joy, good health, prosperity and longevity. Feeling deep gratitude for having Reiki in my life that helps me in every way I need.