Have you ever had the experience of knowing something is really beneficial for you but not being able to do it? I can ask this question because it is so true for me.

I know that mindfulness is really beneficial for me but am I able to do it?

I suffer from asthma. I know that breathing with awareness and Pranayama are really good for me. But do I find it easy to do?

I know that getting enough sleep, going to bed latest by 10:30 pm is really important for me – but I can be so good at delaying tactics sometimes.

I know that spending long stretches of time at the computer is not good for me – do I remember this when I get glued to it?

This morning, using my level 2 Reiki practice, I sent Reiki for being able to integrate the energy of the new moon is Sagittarius. I feel that working with the lunar cycle, and what is happening in the Zodiac helps me to be able to do what the Universe is facilitating. What I realised was that hidden beneath all this resistance is ‘acceptance’. Acceptance of being here, in this lifetime, on this planet, in my body – acceptance of all that is. It feels like I have been working on acceptance for a long time and I have to keep taking it in deeper in my being.

autumn leaves

It seems like I am starting to feel the truth of the words I have heard several times before – our biggest gift comes wrapped in our biggest challenge.

I feel very grateful for my Reiki practice to be able to do this inner work. I also draw a lot of comfort from Eckhart Tolle’s words – awareness brings transformation and freedom.

I feel that with each Reiki sending I am planting seeds of awareness into my consciousness. I trust that these seeds will come to fruition in their own time. I am also learning that I cannot rush the process, and impatience certainly does not help. I thought that my relationship with time was much improved and then I got a wonderful example of how much further I have to go while baking sourdough bread yesterday. I felt that I had to bake the bread last night for my son to make sandwiches for school the next day and the dough was just not rising fast enough, probably due to the cold weather. So I put the dough in a warm oven for the last hour of proving and you can guess what happened to what could have been a lovely loaf of bread!

If this resonates with you please do leave a comment. It is always good to know that my sharing is being read and is helpful.