Even at this time, when in-person support may not be easily available,  it is possible to receive Reiki treatments. I continue to offer Reiki treatments remotely. Reiki practice has always allowed  remote Reiki treatments across time and distance. It is not something new that Reiki practitioners are offering at this time. It is part of our practice and is an advanced level practice. We call it second degree Reiki or level two Reiki practice.

This advanced level technique enables the Reiki Practitioner to help the recipient connect with Reiki, Universal Life Force Energy. This connection enables the recipient to receive the healing that is needed at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I dedicate 30 minutes for being in silence and stillness when doing the remote Reiki treatment. I offer a phone call before the remote treatment to understand the recipient’s need; and after the treatment also – to answer any questions or to offer support, if needed.

Anybody can receive Reiki healing, in-person or remotely, who would like to. You do not have to be a Reiki student to receive distant Reiki treatment.

Please contact me if you would like to receive a remote Reiki treatment.

What is second degree Reiki Practice: Second degree practice is the advanced level Reiki practice that has enabled Reiki practitioners connect with people and situations they cannot place their hands on, for many many years. Just as a Reiki practitioner uses their hands to give a treatment in-person, second degree Reiki practice can be used to give a Reiki treatment remotely, when it is not possible to be with the recipient in-person and place hands on their body. I learnt second degree Reiki in 2001. My motivation at the time was to send Reiki to my family in India, while living in the UK.