earring back

This morning, on waking up, I realised that I had forgotten to take off my earrings last night. They must have come off during the night. I found both the earrings on the bed, but only one back. Later on when sitting up for my morning meditation in bed, I saw something small on the bed. In my half awake state, I thought that it was a piece of fluff or something like that so I flicked it off the bed. It was only when I heard the sound of metal on the wooden floor that I realised what I had done. Yes I had managed to throw away something useful – the missing earring back. I tried to look for it but could not see it on the floor. As I usually do, I asked the Universe for the message from this experience. What I got was that we often wish to get rid of what may not seem useful – like my asthma. I do often wish it would go away especially when I am struggling to breathe. This made me wonder if it has been serving some useful purpose – like the earring back.

I have been wishing to accept my asthma with gratitude. This is something I am learning from the 21 day online meditation offered by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey on Gratitude. It has been amazing to learn that Gratitude invokes Grace. I feel that if I am able to feel gratitude for the difficulty I face in life, hopefully it will help me to be open to receiving Grace that is needed to work through the difficulty.

I have heard it being said that our biggest challenge can be our greatest gift. But I had not really understood it. The daily meditation and then this experience helps me feel that I am beginning to understand it. The challenges that I face, help me to be more open to receive some more light, strength and wisdom that I need to work through the difficulty.

The last Reiki Principle is ‘Show gratitude for every living thing’. The 21 day meditation on gratitude is helping me feel gratitude for everything!

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