I received this message from a Reiki student a few days ago:

“I don’t know what always happens in my life, I can’t understand I am always in trouble somehow I am always cornered in some ways I don’t know why and how. There are lots going on at this moment it looks like am captured in a cage I am always in trouble. I don’t have any friends to talk to.

Basically I am blocked from everywhere. Work I have problems. Kids I have problems. I have been dreaming I am in a cage block in my house there are no lights it’s darkness only.”

Reflecting on her message and wondering about what I could say to support her through this, some thoughts came up. She has kindly allowed me to share the reply with you in case it helps you navigate life with peace and acceptance.

Firstly it helps me to remember that I am not alone in experiencing challenges. All of us experience difficulties from time to time. They may be different from mine, but we are all here, in this lifetime, to work through some challenges.

Perhaps the Universe is helping me learn acceptance through these experiences. When challenges come my way, I find that I have a choice. I can either go into victim mode – why me, why is this happening to me; or I can stay open and present to be able to receive the gift, the light, the strength the wisdom that accompanies each challenge. Staying with the breath helps me to be present. Acceptance of what is happening helps me to stay open.

I know that it is not easy to stay centred in such times and remember these things. This is where a daily spiritual practice like Reiki or meditation can help. It strengthens me and helps me to respond to life differently – different to how I used to respond.

Sometimes I find it helpful to ask the question – What is the gift this situation is helping bring forth? I am also finding it helpful to ask or pray for grace, for the strength and wisdom I need to be able to navigate life with peace and acceptance.

The student’s comment about light and darkness reminded me of the polarity of light and dark. A shadow appears when something blocks the source of light. Maybe experiencing difficulties in life is akin to encountering the shadow first. In such moments, it may help to remember that the shadow is appearing to help lead me to the light. Also trusting that one of the ways Reiki can help is to release what may be blocking me and keeping me from being able to move forward in life.

I also find it helpful to remember that nothing in life stays the same forever – just as clouds come and go in the sky, remembering that this too shall pass can be very helpful when I am not able to see the light.

This message from Eckhart Tolle helped me on New Year’s Eve when I received the news of two deaths in my family. “Eckhart teaches about the two aspects to the situations that arise in your life– the practical and spiritual. The spiritual aspect is to dissolve the unconsciousness when things go “wrong” in your life, because the challenges are there to support you in awakening. As you live more consciously you will notice more harmony in your surroundings. How you experience external reality is through the state of consciousness or unconsciousness. The state of consciousness that you embody creates a new earth.”  You may also like to hear him talk about this in a brief video on:

I feel very grateful to this student for writing to me about her experience. As you can see it has helped inspire this sharing.