There is plenty of very good advice available already about how to take care of ourselves, how to protect ourselves against the corona virus. Yet there is so much fear in the collective consciousness at this time. I have been reflecting on what else is needed to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

I feel that in addition to taking care of our physical body and our external environment, we need to take care of our inner being as well. Somehow taking care of the inner and the outer being together can bring about an exponential synergy.

At first I felt that perhaps the virus is reminding us to take really good care of ourselves through proper rest and sleep, eating healthily, spending time outdoors in fresh air, in nature everyday….

I also felt that Reiki protects, as it heals on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. But I know that practicing Reiki everyday does not mean that illness will stay away. I know that purpose of Reiki is not just to take care of my physical body but my whole being and help me move forward on the path of my life purpose.

I could still feel the fear, fear for my own wellbeing and that of my loved ones. Then I remembered my QiGong Master’s words that illness does not take hold where we are present. I felt that I can bring presence in my being by connecting with the breath consciously, especially in the moment when fear arises. I love the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Master, to hold the fearful part of me with compassion – like I would hold a baby with love, to allow it to settle and transform by saying these words silently – breathing in I am aware of the fear, breathing out I send it love.

Yesterday when fear arose, instead of staying in the head space, my intuition led me to the heart space. I consciously connected with my heart and the love within. And the fear abated. When fear arises, I feel that I don’t need to push it away, suppress it or run away from it. It is my truth in that moment. I can welcome it and harness the positive from this seemingly undesirable emotion. I can view it as an invitation to connect with the breath, with my heart and listen to the heart for the heart knows what is needed.

I find it helpful to place my Reiki hands on my heart, and listen to the heart. I don’t always receive an answer right away. I have learnt that asking the question is like planting a seed in my consciousness. This seed is nourished by my daily Reiki practice (or any spiritual practice). And an answer comes when it is the right time, like a ripe fruit falling off a branch effortlessly. Answer can come when least expected, while washing dishes, or having a shower, or when I am outdoors, in nature, somehow Mother Earth helps me remember what I may have forgotten. Listening is all I need to do. Being still and silent for a small part of my day, especially in the morning, doing Reiki, or another spiritual practice can make a big difference.

I cannot help wondering if the virus, such a small entity, yet having such a huge impact globally is helping us see that we may be a tiny part of the collective but we can make a big difference.

Perhaps the answer is simple, to connect with the heart and be love, for self and others, unconditionally, every moment with each breath. Or maybe there is more to it. Either way, my wish for all of us is to navigate this journey of discovery with peace, love, joy, good health and prosperity.