When I struggle ie feel discomfort or dis-ease or lack, I tend to judge. I want the situation to be fixed so that I can be at ease again. I start trying to figure out what can I do to fix it. Sometimes I start wondering about what I may have done wrong, or what could I have done ie what did I not do for this to happen.

Perhaps what is really needed is to not get caught in this ‘trying to fix’ or ‘blame myself’ mode. It causes anxiety and constriction. This blocks or limits the flow of energy. Not getting caught in this mode helps me to stay centred, relaxed and open enough to allow the discomfort to flow through my being and therefore be released.

The root cause of most of the discomfort I experience is the sense of separation and limitation. Separation can be felt across many dimensions. For example it can be separation from the Source or even separation from other people around me. After all this is the realm of separation where we have separate bodies & identity. This is also the realm of limitation ruled by mind and time. So why do I judge myself when I experience separation or limitation by trying to fix it. What if it is actually an indication of strength to be experiencing separation and limitation. What if I am here, in this body, in this world, in this realm to experience separation and limitation. Perhaps I am here to strengthen and grow my capacity to stay centred when I do experience separation and limitation.

Perhaps I do not need to do anything extra special to strengthen my ability to stay centred. Firstly I trust that simple awareness helps bring about transformation. Connecting with the breath, taking a few breaths with awareness every morning helps me to be present and find my rightful place in this realm. Daily Reiki self treatment with this new awareness helps me to stay on this path and keep moving forward.

This daily practice helps me to deepen my connection with the Source. I trust that with this connection and growing awareness I will continue to receive the guidance and insights that I need to be able to navigate life in this realm of separation and limitation with acceptance, ease, peace, good health and abundance.

I trust that as this spiritual muscle gets stronger, life will not have to keep bringing triggers my way to remind me of this lesson.

Feeling even more grateful for having Reiki in my life.