I love learning in oral tradition. One of my favourite memories from childhood is my aunt visiting and telling us stories at bedtime. I am so grateful I found my way to Reiki taught in the oral tradition, in the spiritual lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata and Phyllis Lei Furumoto. This is the form of Reiki that I needed. There is something special for me about the spoken word. When I hear something, it can help move things deep inside me.

I know that I will not be able to stay with, or take in, each and every word that I hear. I have come to realise that it is not the words themselves but what the words are helping move within me that is more important. I have learnt to pay attention to what moves inside me. Sometimes I am aware of what is moving at the same time as I am listening. Sometimes the movement seems to happen at a subconscious level at the time and surfaces at a later date.

I listened to the Webinar – Living the Precepts – Reiki as a Way of Life. The next morning, after my Reiki self treatment, I remembered Phyllis Lei Furumoto talked about the desperation that people from Mexico must feel to want to leave their home to move to the US. I had read a book last year with a similar theme, The Year of the Runaways. This is about some men from India leaving home and in desperate search of a new life in the UK. I have not forgotten this book, and it kept surfacing in my consciousness ever since.

In that moment of rememberance, it seemed I needed to recognise the desperation in my own heart and tend to it. I felt that I do not have to understand what the desperation is about, I simply need to acknowledge it and own it. It felt like a physical ache in my heart. It felt as if tending to the desperation inside me will help me to accept the suffering, the seeming imperfections of the world. To me, acceptance of what is, seems to be a vital key to inner peace.

In that moment it felt as if through this realisation and recognition of the desperation within me, something moved and it will be easier to be at Home within myself, in my body and in the present moment.

There may be more layers that need to be peeled to live life in the present moment, in my body, at Home within myself. I trust that my daily spiritual practice of Reiki will help me recognise and work through these layers as they surface in my consciousness. It is a practice after all, a journey.

Feeling very grateful for my Reiki practice, all my teachers and the Global Reiki Community.

Thank you Phyllis and Rachel for the Global Reiki Webinars.