Have you been thinking of learning Reiki for a while?

This may be a really good time to listen to the inner prompt.

I draw a lot of inspiration from nature. Observing what is happening around me at this time of the year has been fascinating so far. I have seen bees amongst crocuses and butterflies in mid March! It feels different. I don’t remember seeing them so early in the year. The crocuses and the daffodils do not appear at the same time every year. I know that one could say ‘Global Warming’. But it is how it is and I feel there is a gift in this. Perhaps it is the Universe facilitating the energy of us waking upto our beingness, helping us remember who we truly are. And Nature is so much about beingness. The plants do not get caught up in the doing mode like we, human beings can.

I feel that true strength comes from our beingness. The society values the doing culture. So it is easy to get caught up in the doing mode and push ourselves to do more and more. If something is not working in life, it is so easy to start wondering about ‘What do I need to do?’, ‘What am I not doing’ or ‘What am I doing wrong?’ etc. etc….

What is increasingly becoming clearer to me is that if I push myself into doing mode, I am running on empty and it can lead to stress and exhaustion. On the other hand, if I am able to connect with my beingness, and nurture it, transformation can start to happen from within and my roots ie. my foundation gets stronger. What is happening in my outer life is perhaps a reflection of what is happening inside me. As my inner world changes, the outer world will also start to fall into place. If a tree has strong roots, it is better able to nourish itself and is therefore more likely to grow taller and stronger.

One of the ways to nurture my beingness is to allow some time for myself to simply be – and do nothing if thisĀ is what I feel like, simply gaze out of the window, sit under a tree, admire beautiful spring blossoms at this time of the year. It is essential to trust in this process and not feel guilty about spending time when nothing much seems to be happening. When nothing much seems to be happening on the surface, a lot may be happening on the inside, but it may not be visible or perceptible.

In being mode – a lot can be transformed. Just as what seems like waste products can be transformed to fertiliser by Mother Earth, to nourish new growth; what may seem like a weakness can be transformed to strength when I am able to allow myself to simply be. Rather than feeling cross with myself for being forgetful, I am enjoying welcoming each instance of forgetfulness as another opportunity to remember who I truly am.

Learning Reiki enables the Reiki student to give themselves a Reiki treatment everyday. Giving oneself a Reiki treatment is a wonderful way to nurture beingness. Being able to trust that inner transformation is happening during this time of connection with the deeply nourishing Universal Life Force Energy ie Reiki, can be very helpful to motivate oneself to continue with the daily practice of Reiki self treatment – one of the key ingredients of Reiki practice.

Daily Reiki self treatments have been helping strengthen my roots, nourishing my beingness since I learnt Reiki in 2001. If you would like to nourish your beingness with daily Reiki self treatment, and would like to learn Reiki with me, the next Reiki level One class dates are April 20 – 23, 2017.

Each Reiki Class seems to have a focus, a theme. The next Reiki Class in April seems to be focussed on waking upto our true beingness. If you feel drawn to the being mode, to help wake up to your true beingness and discover the essence of who you truly are and strengthen yourself, please do contact me. I am really looking forward to exploring this further with you..