I struggle with separation. I don’t like saying goodbye. I prefer slipping away quietly. Separation seems to be associated with fear and pain. Perhaps this is why I was born through caesarean section. Or maybe this association of separation with fear and pain is due to how I was born. Today I cannot help wondering if fear of separation causes grief too!

This month I decided to leave a wonderful online community for women that I joined a year ago. In my last session with them yesterday, I did something new. I mustered up the courage to say goodbye at the end of a zoom call.  I was deeply moved by the love that I received during that session and afterwards too.

This love is helping transform the experience of separation for me from fear to joy. Instead of the fear of missing out, I can look forward to the space that is being created for the new that is waiting to come in. Today I am able to see the experience of being in a separate body with joy and welcome being in this realm of separation and limitation.

This joy of separation feels new. I wish that it would stay forever. But I know that like everything else, it is transient not permanent. In this moment, I feel deep gratitude for this transformational experience.

I feel grateful that I listened to the inner prompt and decided to join the community. I am deeply grateful for all that I received while I was there, especially for this parting gift. Thank you Erika for your courage to set up Your Right To Be to help women step out of the pattern of being too nice.