cherry blossom

At this time of so much uncertainty it is not easy to know how to be – what to do, when; whether to go out or to stay at home; what to say to people who are grieiving ….

With so many people dying, and so quickly too, it is particularly hard for the families and friends who are left behind, who have not had the time to prepare for their loved ones leaving. It is not always easy to know how to be with them, how to support them, how to hold the space for them.

What if it is okay to doubt oneself, one’s ability to hold the space for people who are struggling/suffering. What if experiencing self-doubt is part of being human, and therefore part of our life purpose.

What if we can remember to trust that if we find ourselves in a situation, we are being supported and guided too. The key seems to be in feeling connected to receive this support and guidance that is available. What if the sense of connection is easier than we can imagine!

What if it is as easy as taking a breath – something we do all the time. What if we simply need to observe the next inhalation – something we can do anytime. The key is to remember this in that moment.

Perhaps another way to feel connected is to bring awareness to the heart and feel the wisdom available there. Connecting with the heart seems to help make heart connection with the other person/people too.

We are in separate bodies and it is not always easy to feel the heart connection.  It may be easier to go to our own heart but sometimes, this does not seem easy either. We may have built walls around the heart in our innocence, for self-preservation, to be able to survive in this realm of separation.

We need to let the walls around our heart come down. We need to allow ourselves to grieve. We need to allow ourselves to feel vulnerable, to experience self-doubt. We need to allow ourselves to have a good cry when we feel over wrought. We need to let the tears flow. Perhaps they are washing away the debris of the crumbling walls.

The Covid-19 situation, when so many people are leaving so close together, seems to be helping the heart to open. Like a lotus blossoming in the mud, opening gently, a petal at a time. We do not seem to have the choice to live as a bud anymore.

It is not always easy to remember to bring awareness to the breath or the heart in a moment of need. I am finding it helpful to practise this at other times too. In moments of quiet and stillness, as and when I remember. It strengthens this spiritual muscle. This strength is helpful in moments where heavy lifting is needed.

I am deeply grateful for my Reiki practice for these insights. I am deeply grateful for the technology that is allowing the Reiki Shares and the Reiki 2 Circles to continue online every week. Practising together with the community is deeply nourishing, especially at this time of isolation.