What is sacred space – this energy field that gets created each time we gather to practice Reiki. I can view this space through the lens of Reiki, although I am aware of it when I practice other modalities too – like Yoga, meditation, or even when gathering with family and friends.

When family and friends come together with the Reiki family, to practice Reiki, the synergy of this experience seems to be way deeper. Thanks to technology, people from different countries, different continents can be together for Online Reiki Shares at this time. Having my birth family join the Online Reiki Shares has helped bring forth these insights…

When many people gather to practise Reiki, we bring our ability to connect with the Source, the healing light of Reiki, to this space. We do not feel alone, even during this time of isolation. Perhaps each person brings in their whole team of supporters and helpers, guides, teachers and ancestors – benevolent beings who would like us to be well and happy. It feels like many light bulbs lit together, strengthening the light in that space.

The light in this space seems exponentially stronger, where two 1s can make 11, where three 1s can make 111…. This space gets created each time we gather for our shared practice, simply through our presence. Like pieces of jigsaw fitting together, each one of us helps complete this puzzle perfectly each time.

The stronger light in this space seems to help illuminate the wholeness of life. Where we can welcome life as it is showing up, trusting that it is serving us, however difficult, distressing or uncomfortable it may seem to be.

It feels easier to receive the light, strength and wisdom in this sacred space, to regain our wholeness, our sense of being, belonging and serving. It feels possible to receive the light strength and wisdom to be with the paradoxes that life can bring our way, where we are able to welcome suffering, with an inner knowing that this is part of wholeness of life. Perhaps hidden within suffering is liberation from suffering, hidden within worry is trust and peace, hidden behind anger is love. Perhaps coming closer to death at this time is helping us to value life more deeply, embrace life more consciously and love life.

I invite you to join the next Online Reiki Share, and help create this sacred space where each one of us can receive the light, strength and wisdom needed at this time, that we can radiate in all the circles we belong to, simply through our presence. Perhaps this Sacred Space exists all the time and it is simply easier to access when we are together.

I look forward to being together with you in Reiki and this Sacred Space.