apple blossom

Ironically, this strange time with the corona virus situation is helping me to feel gratitude more deeply for small things that I have been taking for granted – like being able to go for a walk in the morning!

This morning, I noticed some apple blossoms flying through the air, landing on the grass near my feet, as I stood in meditation. The blossoms made me wonder where the tree was. Eventually I managed to find the tree that was behind me, a fair distance away, hidden behind some other trees.

A little later, while leaning against the trunk of one of my favourite trees, I realized that my back felt really comfortable against it. A wave of bliss flowed through me in that moment. I noticed the leaves beginning to appear as buds on the branches of the London Plane tree, that I was leaning against. In that moment, I wondered about the source of creation, that helps the new growth spring forth at this time of the year, to nourish us, our senses so wonderfully. I felt that I can trust this source of creation that has created the virus, to have also made a solution possible.

Please join me in connecting to this source of creation to be able to receive a solution to this global situation. We have to work together, none of us can do it alone. The virus seems to be helping us to value connection through forcing us to experience isolation.

At this time, I cannot help wondering if we signed up for this time. What if we are made for this time. What if we have been preparing for this. It is time to go deeper within to listen to this inner call from the Source of creation, the Divinity within, feeling the alignment of these two very powerful forces, trusting this connection to help us navigate these times.

Moments of doubt and struggle do show up from time to time. It seems to be part of being human. I am finding it helpful to welcome all these feelings. My feelings are my truth. They help me connect with my Life Force Energy, this is the Divinity within. Remembering to hold this human part of me with tenderness, love and compassion seems to help, just as I would hold a baby learning to walk, each time it falls over.

I have been feeling challenged by the Reiki Principle – Show gratitude to every living thing, wondering how I can possibly feel gratitude for the virus, a living thing, when it is causing so much suffering. Being able to receive a gift from the situation, helps me to move closer to gratitude despite all that is happening. Gratitude being love energy, a higher vibration is more likely to help transform this situation.

I feel deeply grateful for Reiki at this time, and for all my teachers. Reiki practice helps connect the Source of creation, the Universal life force energy with the individual life force energy, with effortless ease, simply through placing hands on the body. Reiki works irrespective of the state one may be in – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki works irrespective of what may be happening around us. Reiki seems to be perfect for this time.