Reiki is wonderful, mystical, often a mystery and full of paradoxes. Paradoxes appear to be contradictory. As a new Reiki student, when such experiences happen, it is easy to feel conflicted.

In a conversation with a very good first degree Reiki student recently, she mentioned a paradox. We are taught ‘Reiki goes to where it is needed’ in Reiki class. We are also taught the Form of Reiki Treatment, the sequence of hand positions for giving a Reiki treatment to oneself and others. Why do we need the form, why can’t we just keep our hands in one position on the body!

One of Mrs Hawayo Takata’s very famous teaching is ‘Let Reiki teach you’. Daily practice of Reiki has helped me learn to welcome such seeming contradictions as paradoxes – as an opening for light to come through. If I view my experience as a contradiction or conflict, I am inclined to wish it away. Remembering to stay open, and welcome such an experience can help to receive the inspiration.

I have also heard that ‘Reiki flows to where it is needed, like water’. Water flows through finding the path of least resistance. So Reiki will probably flow to where there is no resistance. What about the parts where some resistance may be present! Will Reiki flow to all the parts, all the organs if I keep my hands in only one position? Perhaps this is the reason why Reiki students are taught a Form of Reiki Treatment in the Reiki class as it allows Reiki to reach all the major organs.

I teach Reiki in oral tradition where the relationship between Reiki Master and student is for life. In oral tradition students are welcome to connect with Reiki Master for advice, reminding, and remembering. If you have any questions about the Reiki practice or need reminding or remembering, please feel free to contact me. I feel very grateful for my Reiki Master and Reiki students.

Letting Reiki and our Reiki Master teach us, helps us grow as Reiki students.