My mother was very good at knitting. She used to knit beautiful jumpers. I remember knitting one jumper in my teens. I did not enjoy it. I did not like what I created. So I did not knit again for forty years.

Two years ago, I felt drawn to knitting. I bought some wool, knitting needles, a pattern and started knitting a cardigan. I managed to follow the pattern to knit the front and back panels and the sleeves. But I have not managed to put them together and complete the cardigan yet. Every time the bag of knitting with the unfinished cardigan caught my attention, the inner dialog was along the lines of telling myself off for not completing it.

Coming up to the end of the year 2021, I keep sensing something about endings and completion. In my meditation this morning, this unfinished cardigan showed up. For the first time I could feel compassion for myself, for not being able to complete it yet. I could see the unfinished cardigan as an opening for some light to come through about completion and ending. As tears welled up, I felt an affirmation from my emotional body for this insight.

Today I feel hopeful that this new energy of completion and ending might help with the breathing difficulty I have. Sometimes it seems as if I don’t exhale completely.

Since the beginning of pandemic, I have been sensing something about transformation. Transformation involves letting go of old way of being. This too needs ending and completion.

I could have never imagined such a profound insight could come through a simple knitting project when I started it. I feel very grateful for learning to trust my intuition, acting on it and starting to knit again. I feel grateful for my daily Reiki practice that helps me see things more deeply. Today I can even feel grateful for the difficulty with completing the cardigan.