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Mamta Nanda

Reiki Master, Usui Shiki Ryoho

I grew up in India. I moved to the UK in 1992 when I got married. I have graduate degree in Mathematical Statistics, and Post graduate in Computer Applications. I gave up work in Software Industry when I chose to become a full time mother in 1995.

I had my second child in 1998. Struggling through two pregnancies, motherhood with two children, trying to navigate the two cultures, not sure if I had done the right thing in giving up paid work, I was not in a very happy space when I learnt Reiki in the UK in 2001. It was sheer chance that brought me to Reiki. I did not know much about it at the time. I saw a poster advertising Reiki classes. It said that these classes will enable you to give Reiki to yourself (there are not many complementary therapies that one can practise on oneself), to your children (I thought how wonderful it would be to be able to help my children feel better), to your family and friends (again I felt I could use this to help my husband who worked long hours).

I continue to feel that Reiki is one of the best things that I have ever learnt. I am a mother with two children. Like a lot of other mothers, I used to feel quite low, tired and stressed. I discovered Reiki when my younger child was about two. With Reiki in my life I started to feel a whole lot better, healthier, calmer, more relaxed, with higher energy levels.

Over the years, I gave Reiki to my children as often as I could, especially when they were unwell, or they hurt themselves, or when they were feeling tired and it always helped. Once my younger one had fallen over when he was little, banged his head, and I could see a lump forming. I gave him Reiki right away and the lump almost disappeared. Over the years Reiki has been amazingly helpful when dealing with illness, falls, bumps & bruises. It also helped me to stay calm when my children were hurt or unwell - all I needed to do was to put my hands on my child to soothe his/her pain.

I often wish that I had learnt Reiki before I had my children. My two pregnancies would have been much easier. I had nausea throughout most of both pregnancies, a lot of anxiety, two ventouse deliveries, extreme discomfort with stitches afterwards.

My younger one had reflux, was very unsettled as a baby and a poor sleeper. I remember many occasions when I ended up in tears as he would not stop crying no matter what I tried. It would have been so much easier if I could have used my Reiki hands on him and myself then.

Babies often have problems that conventional medicine may not be able to help with eg colic, sleeplessness, being unsettled etc. For other conditions like reflux, surely it is better to try something like Reiki first before resorting to conventional medicine. I have found Reiki to be very helpful for conditions like reflux. Since Reiki is completely safe and has no known medical contra-indications, it is very calming and relaxing, both mothers and babies find it highly beneficial.

My experience of Reiki inspired me to share the benefits of this wonderful energy with other mothers. I used to wish that someone had told me earlier about how beneficial Reiki can be for mothers and babies. I hope to do this for other mothers through sharing my experience and the Reiki Clinic for Pregnant Women and Mothers with Babies.

Over the years I have seen tremendous benefits of having Reiki in our lives. As a family we do not fall ill as often as we used to. When we do succumb I find that we recover quite quickly.

The main reason Reiki has been so effective in helping improve my wellbeing is because I have been able to maintain the discipline of giving myself daily Reiki treatments over the years. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, suffering in any way, or feeling concerned about anything I make sure that I receive a Reiki treatment from someone else. I find Reiki very helpful to boost the immune system. I also try to follow a healthy life style.

Over the years Reiki has become a way of life. I trained to be a Reiki teacher in 2008. I love being able to help people learn Reiki. It is very satisfying to see students benefit from Reiki like I have for more than 17 years. It is especially rewarding to hear from my students who are mothers about the positive difference Reiki can make to their lives.

You can read some testimonials from my students and clients to see how beneficial Reiki can be. Please visit my blog to find out more about my recent Reiki journey.


Last updated January 2018



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