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Tripuri Dunne
Reiki Master

Tripuri is a member of the Reiki Alliance and has travelled extensively to study meditation and healing techniques from teachers of many traditions in India, Thailand, USA and Europe .

Tripuri was initiated into Reiki I & II, in 1991 by Krishni Borang, author of the Principles of Reiki (now re-issued as The Way of Reiki). She first met Krishni at a meditation centre in India in 1985, who had met her master Wanja Twan in the same sacred place.

During the 90's Tripuri trained with Krishni for Mastery attending workshops and working in two natural health centres in South London . During that time she also worked with the terminally ill giving Reiki in hospices and on request visiting at home and in hospital.

You can contact Tripuri on (07974) 643 888.

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