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Reiki Shares in London

Mamta Nanda, Reiki Master, offers a monthly Reiki share in Islington, North London. This Reiki Share is open to all Reiki students who have learnt Reiki from any Reiki master. People who have not learnt Reiki yet, but are interested in finding out more about it are also welcome.

Next Reiki Share:

Thursday Nov 16, 2017
Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Venue: Highbury, Islington, N5 1PU

For December Reiki Share, I would like to invite you to the Reiki Light Event on Dec 17th.

Please also let Mamta know if you would like to attend the Reiki share, and check that it is happenning as planned, nearer the time.
There is no cost to attend the share.
Mamta requests a donation to support the homeless and Connecting Reiki with Medicine Project.

Benefits of Reiki Shares

The Reiki shares provide a wonderful opportunity to be in the group energy with other Reiki students. This can be a powerful healing experience. The shares can also help to reconnect or to deepen our connection with Reiki. We exchange Reiki treatments which enables everyone to give and receive a Reiki treatment in a very supportive environment. There is also the opportunity to ask questions, share Reiki experiences with others and to meet like minded people.

For those new to Reiki, attending the Reiki Share can be a good way of getting an introduction to Reiki and the group support that is available after learning Reiki.

Here is some feedback from Reiki students. They seem to have captured the essence of attending Reiki shares very beautifully with their words:

Thanks for the share on Friday, I really enjoyed it, I felt like something changed inside me. It made me more sure about wanting to do reiki everyday.

Thanks for a wonderful Reiki share. It was great to meet other Reiki students and I really appreciated some other bodies to work on! I found it a very deep Reiki experience.

Mamta offers Reiki Shares because she feels that having continued support after the Reiki class is very important. She found the Reiki shares that her Reiki Master offered invaluable on her Reiki journey.

Some of you may not be in touch with your own Reiki Master any more, or you may have moved away from the place where you did the Reiki training, or you may be looking to practise Reiki with like minded people in a supportive environment. Mamta offers this and more through these Reiki shares. You may be a Reiki Master teaching Reiki but you may not be able to offer Reiki shares. You are welcome to tell your students about this Reiki share.

If you know people who may be interested in attending the Reiki share, please do tell them about it and ask them to contact Mamta.

Please feel free to contact Mamta for more information regarding the shares, also if you would like to be kept informed of the future dates. She would love to hear from you.