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To find out more about my Reiki Master Tripuri Dunne. She provides invaluable on-going support for all her students.

For more information about Reiki in the UK, please contact The Reiki Association UK

If you would like to find a Reiki Master, please visit The Reiki Alliance

facebook You can join the facebook page Reiki with Mamta to be kept informed of events that Mamta is organising, and to share information that she has found beneficial on her Reiki journey.

Website of Usui Shiki Ryoho, Lineage Bearer Phyllis Lei Furumoto and Head of Discipline, Paul Mitchell.

Website of Reiki Home project.

Phyllis Lei Furumoto's weekly on-line radio show titled, "Reiki - Balancing Form and Essence" , every Thursday at 1 pm Pacific Standard Time, or 9 pm GMT. These webcasts provide a wonderful resource to enrich our Reiki practice. Phyllis' webcasts have been moved to this new website from September 2009. It now has all the previous webcasts from July 2007.

facebook If you enjoy listening to Phyllis' weekly radio show, you can join the Reiki Talk Show with Phyllis Lei Furumoto facebook page set up for the listeners to be able to connect with each other.

A collection of wonderfully inspiring articles on Reiki from Susan & Paul Mitchell. Both Susan and Paul have thirty years of experience of teaching Reiki as they learned it from their teachers, Hawayo Takata and Phyllis Furumoto.

Mamta finds the work of Reiki Master, Pamela Miles very inspiring. Her website is an excellent resource for people interested in working with the medical community. Her book 'Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide' is another excellent resource to enrich our Reiki practice. Mamta is very grateful to Pamela for the following words:
"Reiki healing enhances wellbeing by encouraging the system towards balance at all levels: body, mind and spirit."

Reiki Council, the lead advisory body for professional Reiki practitioners in the UK.

You can find information about Metamorphic Technique at the website for the Metamorphic Technique Association.

For Hopi Ear Candling Training, Mamta can recommend the course offered by her teacher Mary Dalgleish.

For more information on Ear Candling, you can visit Patrick Quanten's website. It has some very informative articles.

You can contact BirthingMatters  for private antenatal classes in Crouch End & St. Albans. They are run by qualified midwives.

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