Wanja Twan 1934 -2019

Wanja Twan, one of the 22 Reiki Masters initiated by Hawayo Takata, my Reiki great grandmother, passed away on September 3, 2019 in British Columbia, Canada.

In words from her family – “Wanja’s passing was a joyous and peaceful celebration, with family and pets by her side”. There is more, about her very rich and full life in the obituary from her family.

“God did not make us to be sorrowful…” words that Wanja would say, reminded by Anneli Twan, her daughter and successor. Anneli invites us to join in from wherever we are in the world – light a candle, say a prayer, walk in nature, send Reiki, meditate or however we want to remember Wanja…

Wanja was a Mystic, a visionary healer, a wonderful writer. She wrote five books. These books are about her life, her experiences. Reading them can be a profoundly enriching and healing experience. Apparently a sixth one is nearly ready, so we have another gem to look forward to. Even the back cover of her books hold profound messages.

Back CoverTakata Back Cover

wanja autographSome of Wanja’s quotes that became quite popular over the years – “We are always together and sometimes we meet”, “Anything is possible”. I feel blessed to have met her a couple of times on her visits to the UK. When I received the news of her passing, I decided to be with her books. Looking at the message she wrote for me, I was moved not just by her words, but with the beautiful flow in her handwriting too. I am wondering if this flow is indicative of the way she seemed to flow through life.

I opened the books randomly and messages started to emerge. In her latest book, A slight twinkling in the atomic structure, I returned to one of my favourite stories about her dream of joining the queue for ‘Grace bestowal seva’, along with her meditation teachers from Siddha Yoga. When I read thsi story for the first time, it felt as if Reiki is bestowing Grace.

‘Looking in boxes’ – the Visions of Jesus – sending Reiki healing and gratitude to Jesus – the message of ‘It is the heart that really hurts for humanity – it is in our heart that it hurts’. I cannot help wondering if this is why we end up with walls around our heart – to protect ourselves – because the pain is or has been too much to bear.

In her latest book, Wanja talks about learning by osmosis. Again, I cannot help wondering, if she was telling us about learning through oral tradition! Perhaps this is why it is so valuable to be together in person, when possible.

Her teachings seem to be more alive at this time. I found my way to a Reiki Talk Show interview with Wanja Twan that Phyllis Lei Furumoto recorded in 2008. It feels amazing to listen to Wanja’s voice. It feels particularly poignant to listen to the love and joy in the voices of both these amazing women at this time, the year in which both of them left this realm. Both of them dedicated their life to Reiki. It is a joy to listen to them talk about Reiki, sharing memories of their Reiki Master Hawayo Takata and their time together in the early 80s.

How I wish that I had asked Wanja about the present she sent for me, a few years ago, through a friend from London who went to Canada to visit Wanja. I want to know more about this intriguing Moose with wings! Perhaps this is the ultimate lesson in surrendering to not knowing, surrendering to the mystery of life. Or maybe she is continuing to communicate from where she is now…

Thank you Wanja for valuing Reiki enough in your own life to want to pass it on to others, for dedicating your life to Reiki and healing, and sharing some of your life experiences through your books.