As I looked at the mombresia in the garden recently, just as the flowers were beginning to emerge, a thought came – something new is emerging.

The colour of the flowers is so striking, especially against the backdrop of the green of the leaves and the grass, that every time I would go into the garden it would catch my eye. The way the flowers catch the light, especially on a cloudy day is truly mesmerising.

Today, when I went into the garden after it had been raining, the raindrops on the leaves caught my eye. In that moment it felt as if the raindrop was not just a drop, the whole ocean was contained in the drop.

raindrops on leaves

I know that this teaching comes from many different spiritual sources, the one that I felt drawn to was the quote by Kabir, a mystic poet from fifteenth century India: β€œAll know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.”

Till that moment, I had only known this teaching. In that moment it seemed as if I could feel it, in a way I had not able to till then. It seemed as if the raindrops were there to help me see what wholeness is. In Reiki Shares, in the opening circle, I had been saying – bring the whole of yourself into this moment. I had only been thinking of all the parts of me that are seemingly undesirable, the parts that I often wish to hide, the vulnerable, conflicted parts of my being that I felt I had to welcome and integrate.

Seeing the raindrops today, the concept of wholeness seems to have transformed within me. I saw a butterfly on the same mombresia leaf a little later. It felt as if the butterfly came to help reaffirm the message of transformation/metamorphosis.

I am looking forward to bringing this new concept of wholeness to all the circles I belong to. I trust that it is not just for me, it is for all of us. My wish is for all of us to be able to regain our wholeness, trust in it and let this inner essence flow from our being with every thought, word and action. I trust our daily Reiki practice will continue to help us receive the guidance needed for everyday life – how to live it in the present moment!

Could this be the invitation in the Reiki Principle ‘Earn your living honestly’, I wonder!