The value of shared practice comes from many different traditions. In Buddhism it is called Sangha. In Hinduism it is Satsang. In Reiki, it is called Mystic Order. I feel deep gratitude to The Reiki Association for organising the Reiki Lights Festival on December 18th, 2016, providing an opportunity to share Reiki with the Global Reiki Community. There is definitely something powerful about being able to experience Mystic Order as it can help reveal what may not have been known so far. It was wonderful to experience this in a tangible way.

I had recently discovered this text in the book “Living Reiki, Takata’s Teachings” by Fran Brown. This seemed amazingly profound. I have been reflecting on these words, trying to figure out how to use these teachings in everyday life – how to lighten my heart – especially in the situations where I feel discomfort.

Living Reiki - Takata's teachings

Living Reiki - Takata's teachings

What I realised the morning after the Reiki Lights Festival, during my daily Reiki self treatment, was that the pain that gets triggered inside me when I hear of suffering in different parts of the world is my own pain from a similar experience, perhaps from another lifetime. In that moment, I felt that I could use my breath to surrender this pain held in my heart/soul to Mother Earth. I trust that Mother Earth is always willing to receive our pain and transform it, just as she transforms our waste products to fertiliser to promote new growth.

Using the breath to ease the pain, i.e. the burdens in my heart, can help to lighten my heart. This allows the Light, the Universal Life Force Energy to flow through my whole being with more ease and Grace, nourishing me more deeply at every level that I need, nourishing each and every cell in my body. As my heart becomes lighter I feel more at ease within myself and it feels easier to connect with inner peace. This is the energy I am then able to contribute to the world.

As the heart lightens it seems easier to be with what is, and to be in the present moment. Just as I need to be at home to be able to receive a parcel that I am expecting the postman to deliver, I know that I need to be present in the moment, in my body, to be able to receive the Light, Strength and Wisdom from the Source to figure out what my role is in this moment, on this day, in this lifetime – to realise my true beingness and radiate this energy outwards.

This realisation, this new way of being, is helping me in many different ways. It is helping me to be with what is happening in different parts of the world. It is also helping me with what is happening closer to me, when pain gets triggered with family and friends.

Feeling grateful to all the people  in The Reiki Association who have helped make this event happen. Special gratitude to Mel Hoffstead for facilitating the Global gathering this year. Dancing does not come easily to me but it felt really good to move the body after the stillness of the shared Reiki Treatments. Movement helped bring awareness and presence to the body, and moved the energy in a different way. It seems to have helped shift what may have been stuck for a long time. It felt good to do some singing as well after the silence of the shared Reiki Treatments and benefit from the shared sound energy and all that it facilitates, especially deepening the heart connection.

I feel deeply grateful to each and every person who connected for the Reiki Lights Festival and helped enhance this wonderful experience of the Mystic Order. It feels really good to be ending 2016 on this positive note with hope in my heart for a more peaceful and fulfilled 2017. Looking forward to the Mystic Order ie shared Reiki Practice helping reveal more of what is still unknown.

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