A few days ago I wrote about Eckhart Tolle’s words – “With awareness comes transformation and freedom”. I was then asked ‘but how does awareness help’, “how can just being aware bring about transformation”. My first response was that if we are not even aware how we can expect anything to change.

This morning I picked up Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Essential Writings” and read the following: “Mindfulness is like a lamp illuminating ourselves. As soon as the lamp is brought into the room, the room changes. When the sun rises the light of the sun only has to shine onto the plants for them to change, grow and develop. The light of the sun appears not to be doing anything at all, but in truth it is doing a lot”. We all know about the process of photosynthesis that sunlight makes possible. He then goes on to say “Our mindfulness has the same function as the light of the sun. If we shine the light of full awareness steadily on our state of mind, that state of mind will transform into something better”.

I felt that these words answer the question beautifully.

I also feel that I can shine the light of awareness steadily on my state of mind through my daily Reiki practice. When we meditate or give ourselves a Reiki treatment regularly, one of the benefits of a regular practice is improved self awareness. Sometimes it may seem like nothing much is happening when we give ourselves a Reiki treatment every day. I am convinced that with time things unfold wonderfully and it can be very rewarding to reap the benefits of the discipline of a daily practice.

I have had Reiki in my life since June 2001. I have been giving myself a Reiki treatment every day since I learnt Reiki, I may have missed a day here and there though. Now I feel really glad that I continued with my regular Reiki practice over the years. I feel that I am in a much better space now than where I used to be before I found Reiki. I feel much better within myself, about myself and about life.