Eclipses can be transformational and can affect us profoundly in many ways. They can help reveal what has been hidden/dormant within us. This revelatory process can be quite mystical and mysterious. Sometimes profoundly uncomfortable especially when difficult feelings get stirred.

When discomfort shows up, I find inspiration from Rumi’s poem Guesthouse to stay open and welcome what life is bringing my way. For sometimes it can show up as lemons. If I try and consume lemons on their own, I struggle. If I stay open to creating a delicious, delightful dish with the lemons, I may be able to feel grateful for the lemons.

It is not easy to know what dish to create right away. I have learnt to stay present and open to receive the next clue that is being made available. It can come through any of the senses. Staying open and welcoming in moments of discomfort can be invaluable. I feel so grateful to Rumi for this inspiration.

How are you experiencing this eclipse? Would you like to join the Workshop that my Reiki colleague and Astrologer Tanya Cohen and I are offering to
Date:            Sunday 28, November, 2021
Time:           4.00pm – 6.00pm
Location:     Online. You need to subscribe to my Newsletter to receive the Zoom link.

All are welcome. You do not need to know anything about astrology or Reiki to be able to attend. You simply need to be open to receiving the transformative power of the eclipses.