This year my birthday was in the heart of the eclipse season. Solar Eclipses can be profoundly transformational – a time of new beginnings, new way of being, new way of living, new way of responding to life.

When I was born my mother nearly died. All my life I had believed that my birth caused much suffering for my mother. Recently I had a shift with the thought – what if my birth helped my mother to stay and live!

A few years ago, my maternal grandmother died on my birthday.  Like most people, I tend to connect with the pain and trauma held in the family tree. This year while remembering my grandmother, I felt a shift in my consciousness and felt a connection with the love and blessings from my ancestors.

My birthday was filled with many synchronicities. On the surface level they were small little things that I would have normally taken for granted. But on that day I was surprised by how happy and blessed they made me feel. A cousin sent me a photograph from my childhood. I don’t have many photos from when I was little. So this made me feel loved. Birthday cards arrived on the day, not before or after! Indian mangoes that I had ordered the week before, were delivered just as I was about to have breakfast. It felt as if my relationship with time was healing. I was born with Saturn on the Ascendant. For people interested in astrology, Saturn rules relationship with time and ancestors. While unwrapping a present, I felt as if I was unwrapping the gifts I have come to this lifetime with. And having the Indian mangoes helped me connect with my childhood. I may be biased, but Indian mangoes are the best, especially the alphonso variety. Do try them if you have not already.

I had been wishing to learn about the Reiki kanji for a long time. The day before my birthday The Reiki Association offered a webinar on Reiki kanji with Reiki Master Fokke Brink. It was a truly inspiring experience that helped transform some of my beliefs that cause worry and anger. I feel inspired me to pick up my brush with curiosity, staying open to what the brush and ink are helping reveal. It was interesting to realise that the fear I used to feel everytime I picked up the brush was because of the belief I had to brush a perfect kanji! It was an amazing cosmic birthday present.

Last week, a friend helped me remember I have the 20th anniversary of learning Reiki on the 17th June. I was born on the 2nd June, with Sun in the sign of Gemini, a sign of twins. When things come in pairs, I have learnt to pay attention.

I would like to celebrate my 20th anniversary of learning Reiki with you. I invite you to an online session of sharing Reiki stories – how did Reiki come into your life. I will share my Reiki story and I would love to hear yours. Every story, every voice matters. Stories nourish the soul. Everyone is welcome to this celebration of Reiki stories. You don’t have to be a Reiki student to join us. You can share your story or you can simple listen.

Sunday June 20th, 11 am – 12:30 pm BST.
Cost: free, it is my present to you, to say thank you for accompanying me on this journey.

I will send the Zoom link via email. Please subscribe to my newsletter email, if you don’t already rceive it, to be kept informed of all my offerings. I am looking forward to celebrating together with you.