For a few years now, I have felt that receiving healing around one’s birthday can be especially powerful. I love Reiki. I like to receive a Reiki session regularly, more especially near my birthday.

I immersed myself in Reiki and Calligraphy for four days this year, just after my birthday. It was a birthday present for myself. Something has shifted for me to receive insights through brushing symbols.

Recently I have been treating some clients near their birthday.  I brushed this enzo, Zen circle, at the beginning of this year. Looking at it with a Reiki client recently helped shine some light of awareness on this insight. I feel that around a birthday, as the current cycle is ending, and a new one is beginning, there is an energetic opening. Through this opening we are being given help to prepare for the next year, the next journey around the Sun.

Through this opening, it seems easier to release what is ripe and ready to be let go off, with grace and ease, perhaps even effortlessly, just like a ripe fruit falling off the branch of a tree. As we release what is no longer needed, there is more space for the new that needs to come through.  Receiving a healing session near a birthday can be a symbolic Yes to the Universe – Yes I am ready to receive what needs to come through me, that is unique to me, and can only come through me. Perhaps each one of us is holding a unique piece of the jigsaw of life!

If this resonates with you, do find a practitioner near you to receive a healing session. Trust your instinct to guide you to the healing modality and practitioner that you need, and whether to go before and/or after your birthday. I am passionate about Reiki and would recommend Reiki.

If you are in or near London, you can contact me to book a Reiki treatment in-person. It is good to learn Reiki anytime. It may be even more deeply healing to learn Reiki near your birthday.

If you are not in or near London, it is possible to receive a remote Reiki treatment from me. I love being part of birthday healing.

Do some healing around your birthday. You may receive a wonderful cosmic gift!