Receiving news of someone suffering is never easy. Lately I have been hearing of many people going through a crisis. It can be overwhelming. I started wondering about how to be. I started asking the question – What is this about?

Eventually it dawned on me that each unsettling news is an invitation, a reminder to regain my centre, be there, show up from my centre as best as is possible. It is not easy but I am learning. At times it seems as if I am being shown the next step on this path. Honing this ability seems much needed with the chaos and turmoil all around us.

The phrase ‘being in the eye of the storm’ came up. Just the thought of being in the serene, unshakeable, unwavering space seems amazing! I cannot help wondering if it is easier to be in our centre than we can imagine! What if we already have this ability and we need to simply let it surface from the unconscious to conscious awareness!

I remembered a poem by the Mystic Sufi poet Kabir from India:
Chaaki chaaki sab kahein, kili kahe na koye
jo kili se lagaa rahe, vako baal na baanka hoye!

Here is my attempt at translating it – The two plates of a traditional flour mill(chaaki) are like the heaven and Earth. We are between these two realms. Those of us who get caught between the two get crushed. Those who stay aligned with the centre, the centre axis (kili), do not get crushed/harmed.

I invite you to an in-person session to invoke and strengthen the intelligence inherent in the body to be centred and aligned with the centre axis. Please join me, let’s explore this together.

Date: Sunday March 31st. We will be exploring this with Guided Meditation and Zen Calligraphy. We will be brushing the Zen circle – Enzo.
All welcome. You don’t need to be a Reiki student to join this session.
Time: 11 am to 5 pm
Cost: £80
Venue: my home
All materials will be provided. No previous calligraphy experience is needed.

Please let me know soon if you would like to join us, before March 31st, 2024.