Last few weeks have been rather eventful! On April 25th a dog jumped on me. I lost my balance while trying to turn away from the dog. I fell and fractured the left wrist. Two days later I had surgery. I am recovering really well, thanks to NHS, Reiki, homeopathy, Bach flower essences, Meditation, Yoga….

Couple of weeks before this experience, I received an invitation from my Reiki grandmother, Krishni Borang, to visit her in Sweden. It felt like Spirit was calling me, so I booked the trip. Fortunately the arm is recovering well so I could go. It was magical to spend time with Krishni and the Bach flower essence trees she has planted in her garden. It was profoundly healing and helped deepen connection with my Reiki lineage.

I have been sending Reiki to heal and reconcile with the experience with the dog, honouring the very human response of fear and anger that I felt at the time. I felt something needed to heal in me about the way I relate with animals, perhaps the animal inside me, my animal power even! Through serendipity I found my way to a video about communication with animals the day after I returned from Sweden. When I heard Anna Breytenbach talk about how she communicates with animals through projecting thoughts and images of love and peace, I felt surely I can do this second degree Reiki practice.

While I was sending Reiki, the Principle – Show gratitude to all living things – surfaced in my consciousness. I felt that I can communicate like this with all living things, not just dogs, even virus and bacteria, the mould growing in the bathroom, the moths and spiders in my home, the slugs and snails in the garden, acknowledging the role they play in the life cycle, communicating with them to go live elsewhere so that I do not have to harm them, or use harsh chemicals that harm Mother Earth, so that we can co-exist in harmony. And most especially to people – especially the people I have hurt, intentionally or unintentionally. In that moment it felt as if communicating the thought of ‘I come in peace with love’, may be very helpful in situations I may be feeling anxious about, like being with large groups of people, or talking to some people, especially before a seemingly difficult conversation! I cannot help wondering if this may have helped me relax when I was feeling nervous/anxious. A lot of situations where I felt misunderstood, what I said or did seemed to be misinterpreted may have been avoided.

I have Sun in Gemini. Communication, learning to communicate is a big part of my life purpose.

The day before my birthday, I felt drawn to Bach essence trees while I was out for a walk. I was touching them, pausing for a few breaths under the tree, asking for a message/gift they might have for me. It was a hornbeam tree that had a wonderful birthday gift for me. Hornbeam is the remedy for procrastination, the Monday morning feeling, when it is not easy to get out of bed! The hornbeam tree seemed to remind me to greet and welcome each day with love and peace. I have been greeting each day with a question – what needs to awaken in me today? Thanks to the hornbeam tree, I feel as if I got another piece in the jigsaw of life.

Interestingly as I was saying goodbye to Krishni, I had asked her to remind me which was the hornbeam tree in her garden, as the hornbeam and beech tree leaves look quite similar. I cannot help marvelling at the mystery and magic of these experiences.

For the first time, the day before my birthday, it occurred to me to send Reiki to greet and welcome the new solar cycle with love and peace. After all the Sun returns to the same place in the zodiac on our birthday and heralds a new beginning! I am looking forward to the transformation this new way of being and communicating brings.

ps: The moss in the photograph above from the beautiful forest near Krishni’s home seemed like a wonderful reminder from nature to smile.