I learnt about Bach Flower essences from my Reiki Master Tripuri Dunne. In 2003 I did the Level 1 course in Bach International Educational program. This was followed by Level 2 course in 2005. This learning seems to have been percolating inside me over the years.

When Tripuri’s Reiki Master, Krishni Kajsa Borang moved back to Sweden around 2006, I heard about her garden where she planted most of the trees and bushes that the 38 Bach remedies are made from. I learnt from Krishni that simply being with these bushes and trees can help us receive the benefits of these remedies and heal.

This learning started awakening something in me last autumn. You can read about that experience in the post Healing Trees. The link is given below.

Dr Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath, created these remedies in 1930s. He believed that emotional wellbeing was the key to good health. Each one of the 38 essences relates to a specific emotion or feeling that one may experience from time to time. To this day, many of the flowers are still handpicked from Edward Bach’s original gardens in Oxfordshire, UK.

This spring, I am noticing Chestnut Buds. This remedy is for the feelings that arise from repeating the same mistakes! The positive potential of Chestnut Bud is insight – the knowledge and wisdom gained from one’s past experiences and learning from them. When I touch the chestnut buds, at the base they feel sticky. Interestingly their energetic imprint is in helping with becoming unstuck.

I am loving the fresh green of the leaves emerging from the buds. I am looking forward to the blossoms of the White Chestnut and Red Chestnut trees. White Chestnut can help find tranquility and peace within, when mind is over active and struggling with repetitive thoughts. Red Chestnut is for finding the peace within, through feelings of over concern for others. Sweet Chestnut can renew our hope and strength when feeling despair.

On my daily walk, I love pausing with these trees. Sometimes 30 seconds is all that may be needed, sometimes longer. I love awakening my senses, feasting on the beauty with sight. I enjoy touching the leaves, blossoms and the branches to feel the temperature and texture. I am discovering that many blossoms have a beautiful fragrance too.

Best of all, time permitting, I love to stay with the tree, leaning against the trunk, feeling the support with my back, listening to the sounds around, especially the bird song and give myself Reiki self-treatment for a while. After a few moments, the tree’s life force seems to start resonating with my own life force and sometimes I can feel a pulsation in my body. I trust that this resonance strengthens the life force for both living things – the tree and me.

There is so much we receive from the trees, there is so much we can learn from them. Let’s give them some attention and show our gratitude. Just as Reiki principles remind us – Show gratitude to every living thing.