I am not a monarchist. So I was quite surprised by the sadness I felt at the Queen’s passing.

I started with marveling at the time chosen by the Queen’s soul to leave. On September 8th,  the moon was in Aquarius, sign of the collective. Moon represents emotions. Her passing has affected the collective deeply. So many of us are grieving together at this time.

At a close friend’s mother’s funeral a few years ago, I was surprised by how much I cried, when I did not know her mother well. I only knew her through my friend. This experience helped me realise that being with the family and friends who were grieving together helped the grief within me to surface. My own parents had passed away the year before.

Whether we believe in Monarchy or not, the grief within is being touched by the grief in the collective.

Moon has such a powerful effect on the oceans. Our body is more than 80% water, the lunar energy is bound to affect us too. Especially when the moon moved to Pisces the next day, the sign of oceans and healing. It felt like a time when grief is being healed for many of us. As we start to emerge from the pandemic, there is more grief in the collective than usual.

There are many ways to be with grief. What I find helpful is acknowledging it and welcoming it. Grief seems to be a doorway to connect more deeply with the heart.

We had full moon in Pisces on September 10th. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. The next full moon will be in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. It seems like a new cycle is beginning. Let’s hope that this new cycle brings through a more heart-based living.

I could not understand the value of monarchy till now. Suddenly I can understand how the Queen touched people’s hearts and brought them together. Even in her passing, she continues to serve.