What is community? Why do we long for community? Why do we long to find our own tribe, to be with like-minded people where we feel we belong?

The community is not just outside us, it is inside us too. All the cells in our body constitute our inner community. This inner community is nourished by the air breathed out by all the green living things, created with the help of the Sun, moon, oceans and a whole lot more.

This inner community is a super-intelligent powerhouse of transformation. It transforms oxygen received through inhalation, to carbon-di-oxide. And releases it through exhalation to the community of all living things that need it.

To think this intelligence(technology) is built into all living things feels awe inspiring. This innate, natural intelligence is serving us all the time. One of the nicest things is that this intelligence keeps evolving and it helps us continue to evolve as living beings.

Today I feel grateful for this innate intelligence. I feel grateful to all living things that help me breathe and live. As I receive life, I give life. Simply through breathing, through being alive, ‘I Show gratitude to all living things’, I help perpetuate life.