Snow is not just beautiful, it is transformational. It can help transform perspective. The first snow of the year in London arrived in the dark of night. Without any electric light, my garden seemed lit up in the dark.

The walk next day felt like walking in winter wonderland.

My imagination was having a field day. First I started seeing images in the snow resting on tree trunks.

Three creatures crawling!

A snow angel with a halo!

This seemed like a pair of wings left behind by a snow angel.

Is this a unicorn! It was fun seeing all these images. It made me smile and uplifted my spirit.

Best part of the walk was standing under this majestic oak with my hands on the tree trunk. Suddenly I found myself asking the tree to teach me how to go within at this time of the year and be in the world.

Then my eyes went to this circle of oak leaves. There seems an invitation into the mystery of the centre, the heart. Perhaps this is the work of a lifetime. The unravelling of the layers feels delightful though. This is my heartfelt wish for all of us – to be in our centre, journey deeper into our heart and delight in the journey.

I would love to hear about the gifts of the snow and the season that you are feeling. Please do share.