Reiki Master Rick Bockner


Please join us for an online celebration of Reiki Master Rick Bockner’s 75th Birthday. We will be together in Reiki, share memories of our time with Rick and listen to some of his music.

Date: Friday September 15th, 2023
Time: 5 pm to 6:30 pm UK time, BST; 9 am PST; 6 pm CEST

Rick’s birthday is actually on the 19th, but he is having a triple bypass heart operation on the 18th of September. As you can imagine, there is a lot going on for Rick at this time. So I am inviting you on the 15th to help create a healing wave of love so that Rick goes for the operation on the 18th feeling loved and supported by the Reiki community.  Rick says that he will be able to join us on the 15th. Here is what he said when I proposed organising this celebration – ‘The online birthday party sounds wonderful. I will be there if I can. It is nice to know that you are all there with me. Much Love to all my friends there‘.

If he is not able to join us for some reason, he will have the recording of the celebration. I am hoping that he will be able to listen to it while recuperating and feel the love.

If you would like to support Rick, he has asked for distant Reiki, you can send him Reiki before the 18th or from the 19th September. Rick says – ‘I do not want Reiki on the 18th so as not to interfere with the anaesthetic. I have seen this happen, and it is not what I want. But after that- bring it on.

You can also support Rick financially by contributing to the Fundraiser set up by Rick’s daughter Amy. This is to support Rick through the three months that he would be unable to work. He will have a lot of medical and other extraordinary expenses. There are so many of us in the Reiki community who love Rick dearly, let’s get together and as Amy says – ‘let’s take the financial stress off Rick so that he can relax fully into healing’.

Rick sends us his heartfelt appreciation.

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You can check the time of the event for your time zone here.

For those who may not know Rick – Rick Bockner is the 22nd Reiki Master initiated by Mrs Hawayo Takata. As well as being a Reiki Master, Rick is a well-known musician and recording artist. If you would like a flavour of Rick’s gift of storytelling and music, you can listen to the Radio Talk Show that Phyllis Lei Furumoto did with Rick. You will have to scroll down the page to find the episode of Nov 27, 2008 where Rick shares one of my favourite songs – Fragments of Perfection. The song is right at the end.

As the lyrics say – ‘Come sit by me and celebrate our fragment of perfection’.