Begin to weave, God will provide the thread’. When I discovered this phrase recently, it felt as if this is exactly what I have been experiencing while weaving. When I begin, I do not know what colour or fabric I will use next. I never buy the fabric. It is always old clothes, used and worn with love. I still continue to be amazed by how I start to find fabric around the house, clothes that I had forgotten about! Sometimes a theme that is playing in my life seems to be woven into the next round of the spiral.

The rug I began weaving around the new moon in December 2023 had quite a lot of colour in the middle, just like a star. Then I found a purple silk saree that had belonged to my mother-in-law. It was quite old and the fabric was falling apart. It could not be used as a saree anymore. So I decided to weave it in the rug.

A few days later I realised that I had started reading the book ‘In the light of a distant star’ by Wanja Twan, in the book club with some of Wanja’s Reiki Masters at the time of the New Moon in December 2023. Before being a Reiki Master, Wanja was a Master weaver. Wanja was also a wonderful mystic. The book is quite magical. Reading it with a group makes it even more magical. And the cover of the book is purple!

I feel grateful for my Reiki lineage. Around the time Wanja discovered Reiki, she also found her way to the meditation practice of Siddha Yoga. Thanks to Wanja saying yes to Reiki and dedicating her life to Reiki, not only do I have Reiki, I have weaving and meditation in my spiritual genes too.

I started weaving during lockdown when I needed a rug and could not go out and buy one. It occured to me one day that I could make one myself. Google helped me find a very simple technique to weave a rag rug. A few months later I discovered the practice of Instinctive Meditation and learned about the value of weaving. A very practical need transformed into a love of weaving. I had started to weave with old everyday clothes that were not suitable for donation even. Then I started to weave with old silk sarees and scarves. As I weave sarees and scarves together worn by me and my family, it feels as if there is some ancestral healing happening.

I am grateful to the Radiance Sutras School of Meditation (RSSM), the meditation community of wonderful teachers and students that helped me learn
“Divine Presence vibrates in the impulse to weave, the many threads we gather, and the perfection of the Design.
Cherish the impulse, honour the threads, and come to honest gratitude for the noble design.”

I am sure that the saying ‘Begin to weave, God will provide the thread’ has many layers to it. I feel grateful for having experienced this layer. I feel that the weaving process is not just meditative and therapeutic, it is also very symbolic. Sometimes it seems as if I am weaving the old threads of my life in a new way, inviting beauty in, and the invisible thread of Divine Presence is being woven into each creation.

If you are feeling the impulse to weave, please let me know. I would love to weave together.