I would like to thank The Reiki Association (TRA) for a magical experience of Mystic order at December’s webinar – Festive tree of gifts. The invitation was to share a gift to decorate our virtual festive tree with a story, song or poem, something we made or a photo taken this year.

I joined the webinar with no idea of what I was going to share. I was a few minutes late, but it seemed to have been perfect timing! I joined while Kristin Bonney, a founder member of TRA, was sharing the angel that she had received from Phyllis Lei Furumoto. Listening to her I was reminded of the angel that I had received from Wanja Twan٭, a few years ago. It happened to be nearby. I could easily get it. While I was waiting for my turn to share, my Reiki Master, Tripuri Dunne, shared her gift of a beautiful reindeer. In that moment I realized the angel I was holding in my hands was a Reindeer Angel!

The choice of this angel was not just spontaneous, it seemed profoundly symbolic too. It felt a wonderful experience of mystic order where none of us have any idea what our presence or sharing in the circle might mean to someone else. Being able to see the deeper blessing embedded in this gift from Wanja٭ with the help of my Reiki family feels invaluable. It seemed a wonderful experience of remembering and valuing what I already had, more deeply. I would not have had this experience had I not joined the webinar and been in that sacred space where the whole is much more than the sum of individual parts.

A short while later Johannes Reindl, Lineage Bearer Usui Shiki Ryoho, brought Vanille Kipferls to the festive tree, biscuits he had learnt to make from his grandmother. Listening to him, I remembered my own grandmother and a recipe from her that has become my special gift in the family. My grandmother passed away a few years ago on my birthday. In that moment I experienced – ‘A Slight Twinkling In The Atomic Structure’٭ and it seems as if a blessing came through from my grandmother, my maternal lineage.

The sharings from other people in the circle were infused with more remembrances. I love poems. They touch me deeply at soul level. There were several beautiful poems shared in that circle. The one that helped me experience another synchronicity was ‘The Blessing’ by John O’Donohue shared by Claire Prendergast. In the last couple of weeks, I had heard two other writings from the same writer. Synchronicities indicate a deeper message from the Source, especially in the magic of the transformational eclipse season. When I notice synchronicities I know I need to start paying more attention!

We have another opportunity to experience mystic order at the Global Reiki Lights Festival on Sunday December 12th 2021. This year it has been created with love and joy by TRA’s Events team. Please join us to create a wave of Reiki together, with loving kindness, strengthen our own connection to light, the creative power of the Universe, to see what needs to awaken in each one of us at this time, what needs to come through us. I love such opportunities to experience mystic order ie shared Reiki Practice that can help reveal more of what is still unknown or unconscious.

Deep gratitude to Reiki and The Reiki Association.


٭ Wanja Twan was initiated as a Reiki Master by Mrs Hawayo Takata. ‘A Slight Twinkling In The Atomic Structure’ is the title of the last book from Wanja. I love this book, it is deeply healing and helps make Wanja Twan’s energy more accessible. I feel very grateful to Wanja for having heard the call of Reiki and dedicating her life to this practice. Thank you Wanja for creating this path that I can follow on.