candle in dark

Meditation has become a bigger part of my life this year. I have been going to the North London Buddhist Centre quite regularly, especially since attending the workshop ‘Work, money and miracles’ with Marianne Williamson in autumn 2015. The key message I received at this workshop was to go within to seek answers for the challenges I am struggling with.

I was at the Buddhist Centre for the Solstice celebration. With poetry, meditation and reflection, I was somehow able to relate to the value of the darkness that this season brings. It helped me see how the acceptance of darkness is connected to acceptance of the unknown parts of me, my shadow, where a lot of my strengths and weaknesses are hidden. This helps me to accept the short days and not long so much for the light – making it easier to be in the present moment. It helps me to accept what is happening now and let go of the attachment, the preference for the light, the sunshine and the longer days.

It has been interesting to observe how all the different practices I have in my life complement each other and help enhance the quality of my life. Meditation enriches my daily Reiki self-treatments. Awareness of what is happening with the stars and planets in the Zodiac helps me to stay in better alignment with what the Universe is facilitating at the present time. QiGong helps me to be more present in my body and deepens my connection with Earth.

During my Reiki self treatment on the morning of 26th December, the day after the full moon on Christmas day, I felt that all I need was made available to me when I came into this lifetime. Clues to this are in my Soul Plan and my Astrology chart. It feels like all the riches I need have been made available for me in this lifetime – good health, peace, joy, love, abundance. It seems equivalent to having lots of money in my bank account, but not being aware of it and therefore not being able to access it, living with a feeling of lack and continually applying for a loan to help tide me over.

So why I am not able to access the riches in my bank account? Perhaps this is the work in this lifetime – to be able to let go of what keeps me from being able to access this account, perhaps it is the misperceptions I have, perhaps it is my fear based emotions that hold me back. I know from personal experience that it is not easy to let go. Fear of the unknown can keep me from being able to release what does not serve me anymore.

The comforting thing is that my daily Reiki practice, the daily Reiki self treatment is one of the best ways to keep releasing what I do not need. I know that Reiki can help me in many many different ways. Yet at times it seems like nothing is happening, especially when there are no visible benefits. I am so glad that I have managed to continue with the daily practice of Reiki since 2001 despite these ups and downs. When an insight flows through during a Reiki self treatment, and helps me to be able to breathe with ease – I know that a big shift is happening. This gives me hope. It inspires and motivates me to continue with the daily practice of Reiki.