mountain ocean sky

Yesterday I was at the Open day offered by North London Buddhist Centre. During a meditation session there, when I heard the facilitator say – imagine your body to be like a mountain, your heart to be like an ocean and your head to be like the sky, the insight that surfaced was that I am one with everything, and everyone. It felt really profound. A few tears welled up and I felt peace – something that I had been longing for over the last couple of days. I had been feeling very unsettled since the full moon last week. A lot of uncomfortable emotions had been surfacing – and at times it had felt like my whole being was being rearranged!

I know that if I had heard these words another time or read them in a book, they may not have gone as deep. It seemed like I was more open during the meditation session to really feel the truth of these words. And perhaps all the discomfort I had been experiencing over the last few days had also helped me to be more open.

Following this insight a question came up – how do I do this, how can I be one with everything and everyone. At some level I felt that I could trust the Universe to help and I do not need to worry about the how. And indeed two very profound messages followed soon after.

After leaving the Buddhist Centre, I got on the tube to get to South London to receive a Reiki treatment from my Reiki Master. On the way I opened the book I had brought with me to read on the journey – The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford. The book opened on the first page of the Chapter – The World is Within Us. I received some more help from the book.

In the evening, I went on Facebook and saw this message from Marianne Williamson: “Trying to make things happen because “I” want them to happen means my basic self-perception is my separated self. That perception breeds fear, because in reality we’re not separate beings and only the awareness of our oneness brings peace to the soul because it is the truth of who we are. If you make it not just about you, but rather see yourself simply living in service to God — or All, or however you language it — then you’re lifted above fear-based perceptions. Love replaces fear. And then, you rock. You’re not held back by neurotic fears. You’re free then to be all you can be, which is powerful beyond measure.“

I trust that with time, I will continue to receive more such messages, more help with how to be one with everything and everyone. It seems like I am beginning to feel the truth of the words I had heard before but did not really understand – when we are on the right path, the Universe conspires to help us.

Deep gratitude to all the people who helped with these experiences – and to my daily Reiki practice that supports me to stay centred during periods of discomfort and helps find the right way forward.

My next Reiki class is scheduled for December 11 – 14, 2014. Please contact me if you would like to learn Reiki with me.