rose bees

What if, like a bee smelling its way through life, we are meant to feel our way through life with the help of our emotions? We may not have a heightened sense of smell like a bee or a dog, but we as human beings, have emotions. Perhaps when we are experiencing emotions that cause us distress or suffering, we are being squeezed extra hard by life to help us to remember why we are here and move forward on the path of our life purpose.

We enjoy positive emotions like happiness, joy, love, but most of us struggle with the emotions associated with fear, grief, panic, jealousy, shame… I don’t know about you, but quite often when I feel an emotion associated with fear I try to tell myself that I shouldn’t be feeling this way, that it’s silly and completely illogical. I then try to find a positive way to look at the situation.

What if, by not allowing myself to feel this seemingly negative emotion, it is simply getting suppressed?

In time, when this suppressed emotion accumulates within my being, it creates density within and may lead to a physical symptom. I also believe that when there is a build up of suppressed emotions within me, my emotions are more likely to get triggered by what is happening in my life, events that may not usually affect or bother me. I may get caught up with this surface level stuff and may not be able to see the truth that life is helping me to see.

What if we give ourselves permission to feel our emotions? What if we acknowledge our emotions so that they can flow through us rather than get suppressed and create density? What if instead of telling ourselves that we shouldn’t be feeling this way, that it’s silly or that it’s not good or kind, we breathe with the emotion?

I find the mindfulness breathing meditation technique taught by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Master, really helpful to be with the emotion. The technique is very simple. On an in breath, I say ‘Breathing in, I am aware of my emotion’. On the out breath, I say ‘Breathing out, I send you love’.

I also find it helpful to ask the universe for what this seemingly negative or difficult emotion is helping me to remember?

According to Rachel Naomi Remen, author of the book My Grandfather’s Wisdom, it is good to ask questions and be fine with not knowing the answer for a very long time.

Om Kala Vide Namah’, the Sanskrit Mantra for perfect timing, also helps me tremendously at such moments. It helps me to surrender to life, to the situation and trust that the answer will come at the right time when I am open and ready to receive it.

Just as I have to wait for the seasons to change, or wait for a flower to blossom or a fruit to grow, I have to wait for the right time for the answer to come to me.