I went to a talk on True Peace and Happiness in the Here and Now by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (he is also called Thay) in London on 29th March. At the end of the talk, one of the questions Thay was asked was about forgiveness. The questioner said that her brother had been murdered 18 years ago, that she and her family are trying to forgive but really struggling. She asked if Thay had any helpful suggestions. Thay said that the answer is Sangha. He recommended belonging to a community that can help with the practice of healing and nourishment. He said that this can help protect us and make us stronger. He said that sometimes suffering can be too much to handle. He said that Sangha gives us a community, the support of fellow practitioners, who may have been practising for longer, the benefit of collective energy that we can go to in times of need. He said that we should go like a river not as a drop of water, and this would help us to be stronger and safer. He suggested setting up a community so that we can benefit from the collective energy of the group and others can come and benefit from the same. He said that this is a noble thing to do.

I was thinking of this the next morning and felt that a lot of us are being challenged in our life these days. And sometimes these challenges can be really difficult to face on one’s own. Some of us seek spiritual help when faced with challenges. There are several spiritual practices, and people are drawn to different ones. Some of us are drawn to Buddhism for example and some of us are drawn to Reiki.

If you are drawn to Reiki as your daily spiritual practice and would like to learn Reiki, I offer Reiki classes in London.

If you have already learnt Reiki and are looking for a Reiki community or continued support with your Reiki practice you are welcome to attend my monthly Reiki Shares in London. Sometimes I organise events with experienced Reiki Masters for my Reiki community. I also nurture my community by keeping them informed of other events, eg Reiki Association’s Birthday gathering with special guest Phyllis Lei Furumoto, lineage bearer for Usui Shiki Ryoho in High Wycombe, UK.

I also believe that we can achieve much more when we combine our strengths and efforts on a national and sometimes on a global scale. This thought motivates me and inspires me to serve on the Reiki Home project.