Thich Nhat Hanh Light

When I first heard of Thay’s illness – a question arose – if he is suffering like this what hope is there for people like me!

And then I tried to be more mindful, more present to support him as was advised by the Sangha at Plum Village. The thought that came up during the morning meditation today was that it is strong souls like him that help shine the light of awareness on what is needed through their suffering. If he was not suffering would so many of us be rallying round him, thinking of him and his teachings, wanting to support him! I am very aware of Rumi’s poem at times like this – “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

So I am breathing with awareness, trying to be in the present moment, deepening my connection to Mother Earth so that I am at home to be able to receive the Light, the strength and wisdom that Thay is facilitating for all of us to receive. After all I have to be at home when I am expecting a parcel to be delivered. Likewise I have to be in my body, the home for my soul, to be able to receive the Light, the strength and wisdom that I am responsible for bringing into the world.

Hopefully as more of us open up to receive the Light that Thay is facilitating, it can help alleviate his suffering. Thank you Thay for helping with this insight. Even through your suffering you continue to help and guide us.