purple rhodo
When I receive feedback like this, it makes all the work that goes in hosting Reiki Shares worthwhile:
‘Thank you so much for the Reiki share session on Friday.
It was wonderful to meet such a lovely group of people and feel the warmth in the room.
Thank you for making me feel so welcome.
For the first time in several weeks I was really able to switch off my head without effort and just be calm and peaceful in the space you have created.
As I walked home the air was filled with the scent of flowers and it felt so fresh and light.
I am going to start self practice and I thank the universe for directing me to you.

I am so glad that you were open to listening and acting on the guidance the Universe was sending you, TS.
If you have benefitted from attending a Reiki Share, please do share your experience. Being open to sharing can inspire and support others on their journey. Attending a Reiki Share regularly, helped me immensely in the early years of learning Reiki, as a new Reiki student, to stay with the regular practice of Reiki.
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