We had a wonderfully spectacular Reiki Share yesterday. We saw the most vivid rainbow that we had ever seen through the skylight in the Reiki room. First it appeared to be a double rainbow. Then we noticed that the second rainbow was showing the colours in reverse. All of us were absolutely mesmerised. We started watching the rainbow. And then more lines of colour appeared on the inside of the first rainbow. I had never seen the colours so vividly in a rainbow before.

About an hour later we saw the moon through the window. It was nearly a full moon. We could see the moon in its full glory for a short while before it was covered by the clouds again. We were not really expecting to see the moon as it had been raining and the sky was quite cloudy.

Do I seem like a child going on about the rainbow and the moon? I have been yearning to connect with the child within to be able to see the miracles that happen all the time around us. I think that we simply start to take them for granted as we grow up.

I wish to be like a child again so that I can pick myself up quickly after I fall over like I used to when I was learning to walk. And now! It is not so easy to forgive myself when I make a mistake. It can take me a long time sometimes to recover from not getting things right. Now I tend to close up, and go into constriction mode when I feel I have stumbled. Fear of what other people will think takes over. Gradually I am realising how thick a shell I have built around me with time – how much it can hold me back from living life fully. Sometimes it is my body that makes me realise this – eg. when I find my hands and feet are usually quite cold, also when I discover my blood pressure tends to be quite low. It is the heart that controls the circulation in the body, that sends warming blood to the extremeties like my hand and feet. If I have closed my heart to life or to people around me, because I have been hurt, because I trusted people and they have let me down, and I find it difficult to trust again, how can I expect my heart to function optimally!

I feel that this awareness is enough for things to start to change. With time the transformation will happen gradually. I love Eckhart Tolle’s words ‘Awareness brings transformation and freedom’.

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