I feel so grateful for my Reiki practice at such times. I sent Reiki healing to all those who are suffering, and for the light strength and wisdom this situation is helping bring into the world. I was reminded of Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching of sending love to soothe and heal the pain in our own heart to be able to bring it into this world for the terrorists and the perpetrators. Hopefully this will help heal the pain in the collective consciousness and lower the probability of such events happening.

Reiki practice is invaluable in such situations. I also know that it is not the only way. All of us have the invaluable gift of our breath – breathing in light, breathing out love. Breathing with awareness can help us to cope with the pain that we are all experiencing whether or not we are directly affected by the attacks in Paris.

Please join me in breathing with awareness. Even if we can do it for a couple of breaths each time we think of the Paris attacks, it can be very helpful. It can help in many more ways than our mind can imagine.