fatigue reiki

A few years ago, I used to feel tired, stressed, low and would fall ill quite often. Then I discovered Reiki. I attended a Reiki class and learnt Reiki. This enabled me to give myself a Reiki treatment everyday. After learning Reiki, the first change I noticed within me was the improvement in my energy levels. Reiki restores balance within our being. When we are in better balance, the symptoms tend to disappear gradually.

I feel that through fatigue our body is sending us a signal that that we need to change something in our life. The change could involve making healthier food choices, drinking more water, going to bed earlier so that we get about 8 hours of sleep….  After learning Reiki I found that gradually I started making better choices for myself. I started eating more healthily. I took up Yoga again. I started spending more time in nature.  In the last two years I have started doing Qi Gong as well and find it very beneficial. I discovered Andreas Moritz’s book  The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. This has also helped me learn a lot about how to look after myself better.

The key to improvement in my health and wellbeing has been Reiki healing. I have been giving myself a Reiki treatment everyday (about 99.9%) over the last 10 years, since I learnt Reiki and have experienced huge benefits over the years.

If you are interested in Reiki, I would recommend having a Reiki treatment. If you like it, please go and learn Reiki. I feel that Reiki is one of the best things that I have ever learnt in my life. To be able to find a Reiki Practitioner/Reiki Master in your area (in the UK), you can visit the website of the Reiki Association.

I am grateful to Dr. Adebayo for the image.