Student life, especially in the final years of school or University can be a lot of fun but also stressful. Exams, assignments, living away from home, all the choices one has to make about course options, future employment, internship… can bring on anxiety and stress.

I have been invited to give Reiki treatments to students at Metropolitan University in London on 19th April 2016, at a Well-being day organised by some students. Having one child at University and the other doing AS levels at school helps me to be aware of the challenges students face these days.

exam stress

This invitation has also helped me to reflect on my own time at University and reminded me of how stressful this stage of life can be. How I wish I had known about Reiki when I was younger! I know that Reiki healing can help cope with stress and anxiety. It can be especially beneficial when we need to perform and do our best but anxiety and stress can block/limit us.

Receiving Reiki treatments from a Reiki practitioner can be very helpful when we are experiencing stress. However, the best way to benefit from Reiki healing is to learn Reiki oneself so that we can give a Reiki treatment to ourselves every day. It is quick and easy to learn Reiki and it does not cost a fortune either. I continue to feel that Reiki is one of the best things I have ever learnt, as it helps and supports me in every way I need.

If you are experiencing continued stress and need help to alleviate it, please do try a Reiki treatment. If there are other people around you who are struggling with stress and/or anxiety, you can invite a Reiki Practitioner to come and give Reiki treatments to you and your friends/colleagues. If you are based in London, I would love to be able to support you. If you would like to invite me to your University or Office/workplace please do contact me. You can also find a Reiki practitioner near you on The Reiki Association Website.

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