I am often asked how many Reiki treatments would I need. This is not an easy question as there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We are all unique and have different needs. We are drawn to different things that will help us – perhaps because our needs are different or we are at a different stage of growth or life. Nobody else knows us better than we know ourselves. So I feel that we have the answer within us, we do know what we need even if we are not consciously aware of it. So it is best to go with what we are drawn to.

My recommendation often is to start with one Reiki treatment. If you find it beneficial and if there is something chronic, or deep seated that you are trying to deal with, having four consecutive Reiki treatments is a more powerful way to experience the benefits of Reiki healing.

I also encourage people to learn Reiki as it enables us to give ourselves a Reiki treatment everyday. In order to benefit optimally from the healing power of Reiki, we need to receive it often, preferably everyday. Just as we may meditate regularly, or do Yoga regularly, or go the Gym regularly – it is best to receive a Reiki treatment regularly – preferably everyday. It may not be practical or feasible to go to a Reiki Practitioner everyday to receive a Reiki treatment from them. So it is best to learn Reiki oneself so that we can give ourselves a Reiki treatment everyday.

In case you are wondering how to learn Reiki – learning Reiki is quick and easy. It is best to attend a Reiki class in person with a Reiki Master. I teach Reiki classes in London, UK* every month. Attending the Reiki class enables you to give a Reiki treatment to yourself, family and friends, children, babies, also your pets and plants.

In case you are wondering how to give Reiki treatments – giving a Reiki treatment is also quite easy and simple once you have attended a Reiki class and received Reiki initiations. All you need to give a Reiki treatment is your hands. All you have to do to give a Reiki treatment is to place your hands on yourself or on another person.

sitting reiki treatmentIt is quite easy to incorporate Reiki in our daily lives as we can do Reiki treatments anywhere, anytime. I do my Reiki self treatment in bed, first thing in the morning on waking up. I know people who self treat on their way to work, while travelling on public transport. Sometimes I do it when going to sleep. Sometimes I self treat while watching a show. When my children were little, I could self treat while watching them play, I could give them Reiki treatment while reading a book with them or while watching television with them, or when putting them to bed. Basically anytime I have my hands free, I can place them on myself or someone else and give a Reiki treatment.

Anybody can learn Reiki. You do not have to be a special type of person; you do not need any special abilities to be able to learn Reiki. All you need is a willingness to learn Reiki. Learning Reiki can help enhance our wellbeing and also enable us to help others we love and care for.

I love the simplicity of Reiki and Mrs. Hawayo Takata’s message (she brought Reiki to the West from Japan) – hands on Reiki flows, hands off Reiki stops.

If you have any questions about Reiki, please feel free to contact me. Do leave a comment if you find this post helpful.

*If you would like to find a Reiki Master or Reiki Practitioner near you and you are in a different part of the UK, I can recommend The Reiki Association website; if you are in a different country, I can recommend The Reiki Alliance website.